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Wetting stability of Si-MCM-41 mesoporous material in neutral, acidic and basic aqueous solutions
MV Landau, SP Varkey, M Herskowitz, O Regev, S Pevzner, T Sen, Z Luz
Microporous and mesoporous Materials 33 (1-3), 149-163, 1999
High loading of short WS2 slabs inside SBA-15: promotion with nickel and performance in hydrodesulfurization and hydrogenation
L Vradman, MV Landau, M Herskowitz, V Ezersky, M Talianker, ...
Journal of Catalysis 213 (2), 163-175, 2003
Ultrasonically controlled deposition–precipitation: Co–Mo HDS catalysts deposited on wide-pore MCM material
MV Landau, L Vradman, M Herskowitz, Y Koltypin, A Gedanken
Journal of Catalysis 201 (1), 22-36, 2001
Hydrodesulfurization of methyl-substituted dibenzothiophenes: fundamental study of routes to deep desulfurization
MV Landau, D Berger, M Herskowitz
Journal of Catalysis 159 (1), 236-245, 1996
Production of diesel fuel from vegetable and animal oils
M Herskowitz, M Landau, I Reizner, M Kaliya
US Patent 8,142,527, 2012
Supported chromia catalysts for oxidation of organic compounds: The state of chromia phase and catalytic performance
CM Pradier, F Rodrigues, P Marcus, MV Landau, ML Kaliya, A Gutman, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 27 (2), 73-85, 2000
High surface area chromia aerogel efficient catalyst and catalyst support for ethylacetate combustion
H Rotter, MV Landau, M Carrera, D Goldfarb, M Herskowitz
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 47 (2), 111-126, 2004
A novel system consisting of Rh–DuPHOS and ionic liquid for asymmetric hydrogenations
S Guernik, A Wolfson, M Herskowitz, N Greenspoon, S Geresh
Chemical Communications, 2314-2315, 2001
Mesoporous alumina catalytic material prepared by grafting wide-pore MCM-41 with an alumina multilayer
MV Landau, E Dafa, ML Kaliya, T Sen, M Herskowitz
Microporous and mesoporous materials 49 (1-3), 65-81, 2001
Combustion of chlorinated VOC on nanostructured chromia aerogel as catalyst and catalyst support
H Rotter, MV Landau, M Herskowitz
Environmental science & technology 39 (17), 6845-6850, 2005
Using Sonochemical Methods for the Preparation of Mesoporous Materials and for the Deposition of Catalysts into the Mesopores
A Gedanken, X Tang, Y Wang, N Perkas, Y Koltypin, MV Landau, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 7 (21), 4546-4552, 2001
Hydroprocessing of soybean oil on nickel-phosphide supported catalysts
R Zarchin, M Rabaev, R Vidruk-Nehemya, MV Landau, M Herskowitz
Fuel 139, 684-691, 2015
Dehydrogenation of propane on modified Pt/θ-alumina performance in hydrogen and steam environment
SB Kogan, H Schramm, M Herskowitz
Applied Catalysis A: General 208 (1-2), 185-191, 2001
A commercially-viable, one-step process for production of green diesel from soybean oil on Pt/SAPO-11
M Herskowitz, MV Landau, Y Reizner, D Berger
Fuel 111, 157-164, 2013
Deep desulfurization of diesel fuels: kinetic modeling of model compounds in trickle-bed
L Vradman, MV Landau, M Herskowitz
Catalysis Today 48 (1-4), 41-48, 1999
Hierarchical zeolitic imidazolate framework‐8 catalyst for monoglyceride synthesis
LH Wee, T Lescouet, J Ethiraj, F Bonino, R Vidruk, E Garrier, D Packet, ...
ChemCatChem 5 (12), 3562-3566, 2013
Surface and exchange-bias effects in compacted nanoparticles
V Markovich, I Fita, A Wisniewski, R Puzniak, D Mogilyansky, L Titelman, ...
Physical Review B 77 (5), 054410, 2008
Colloidal nanocrystals of zeolite β stabilized in alumina matrix
MV Landau, D Tavor, O Regev, ML Kaliya, M Herskowitz, V Valtchev, ...
Chemistry of materials 11 (8), 2030-2037, 1999
Ultradeep hydrodesulfurization and adsorptive desulfurization of diesel fuel on metal-rich nickel phosphides
MV Landau, M Herskowitz, T Hoffman, D Fuks, E Liverts, D Vingurt, ...
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 48 (11), 5239-5249, 2009
Conversion of vegetable oils on Pt/Al2O3/SAPO-11 to diesel and jet fuels containing aromatics
M Rabaev, MV Landau, R Vidruk-Nehemya, V Koukouliev, R Zarchin, ...
Fuel 161, 287-294, 2015
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