Stephen Hillier
Stephen Hillier
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Accurate quantitative analysis of clay and other minerals in sandstones by XRD: comparison of a Rietveld and a reference intensity ratio (RIR) method and the importance of …
S Hillier
Clay minerals 35 (1), 291-302, 2000
Role of Oxalic Acid Overexcretion in Transformations of Toxic Metal Minerals by Beauveria caledonica
M Fomina, S Hillier, JM Charnock, K Melville, IJ Alexander, GM Gadd
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 71 (1), 371-381, 2005
Octahedral occupancy and the chemical composition of diagenetic (low-temperature) chlorites
S Hillier, B Velde
Clay minerals 26 (2), 149-168, 1991
Quantitative analysis of clay and other minerals in sandstones by X‐ray powder diffraction (XRPD)
S Hillier
Clay mineral cements in sandstones, 213-251, 1999
Some successful approaches to quantitative mineral analysis as revealed by the 3rd Reynolds Cup contest
O Omotoso, DK McCarty, S Hillier, R Kleeberg
Clays and Clay Minerals 54 (6), 748-760, 2006
Use of an air brush to spray dry samples for X-ray powder diffraction
S Hillier
Clay Minerals 34 (1), 127-135, 1999
Erosion, sedimentation and sedimentary origin of clays
S Hillier
Origin and mineralogy of clays, 162-219, 1995
Identification and geochemical modeling of processes controlling leaching of Cr (VI) and other major elements from chromite ore processing residue
JS Geelhoed, JCL Meeussen, S Hillier, DG Lumsdon, RP Thomas, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 66 (22), 3927-3942, 2002
Pore-lining chlorites in siliciclastic reservoir sandstones: electron microprobe, SEM and XRD data, and implications for their origin
S Hillier
Clay Minerals 29 (4), 665-679, 1994
Lead mineral transformation by fungi
JA Sayer, JD Cotter-Howells, C Watson, S Hillier, GM Gadd
Current Biology 9 (13), 691-694, 1999
Origin, diagenesis, and mineralogy of chlorite minerals in Devonian lacustrine mudrocks, Orcadian Basin, Scotland
S Hillier
Clays and Clay Minerals 41, 240-240, 1993
Soil analysis in forensic taphonomy: chemical and biological effects of buried human remains
M Tibbett, DO Carter
CRC Press, 2008
Chromium remediation or release? Effect of iron (II) sulfate addition on chromium (VI) leaching from columns of chromite ore processing residue
JS Geelhoed, JCL Meeussen, MJ Roe, S Hillier, RP Thomas, JG Farmer, ...
Environmental science & technology 37 (14), 3206-3213, 2003
Role of quantitative mineralogical analysis in the investigation of sites contaminated by chromite ore processing residue
S Hillier, MJ Roe, JS Geelhoed, AR Fraser, JG Farmer, E Paterson
Science of the Total Environment 308 (1-3), 195-210, 2003
Biomineralization of fungal hyphae with calcite (CaCO3) and calcium oxalate mono-and dihydrate in carboniferous limestone microcosms
EP Burford, S Hillier, GM Gadd
Geomicrobiology Journal 23 (8), 599-611, 2006
Fungal transformations of uranium oxides
M Fomina, JM Charnock, S Hillier, R Alvarez, GM Gadd
Environmental Microbiology 9 (7), 1696-1710, 2007
Calcium polysulfide remediation of hexavalent chromium contamination from chromite ore processing residue
MC Graham, JG Farmer, P Anderson, E Paterson, S Hillier, DG Lumsdon, ...
Science of the Total Environment 364 (1-3), 32-44, 2006
Zinc phosphate and pyromorphite solubilization by soil plant-symbiotic fungi
M Fomina, IJ Alexander, S Hillier, GM Gadd
Geomicrobiology Journal 21 (5), 351-366, 2004
Potassium release and fixation as a function of fertilizer application rate and soil parent material
M Simonsson, S Andersson, Y Andrist-Rangel, S Hillier, L Mattsson, ...
Geoderma 140 (1-2), 188-198, 2007
Deep sea records of the continental weathering and erosion response to East Asian monsoon intensification since 14 ka in the South China Sea
D Hu, P Böning, CM Köhler, S Hillier, N Pressling, S Wan, HJ Brumsack, ...
Chemical Geology 326, 1-18, 2012
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