Victor Beloshenko
Victor Beloshenko
professor, Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering named after O.O. Galkin National Academy of Science of Ukraine
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The shape memory effect in polymers
VA Beloshenko, VN Varyukhin, YV Voznyak
Russian chemical reviews 74 (3), 265, 2005
Electrical properties of carbon-containing epoxy compositions under shape memory effect realization
VA Beloshenko, VN Varyukhin, YV Voznyak
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Shape memory effect in the epoxy polymer–thermoexpanded graphite system
VA Beloshenko, YE Beygelzimer, AP Borzenko, VN Varyukhin
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Equal‐channel multiangular extrusion of semicrystalline polymers
VA Beloshenko, VN Varyukhin, AV Voznyak, YV Voznyak
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GV Kozlov, VA Beloshenko, VN Varyukhin, YS Lipatov
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Equal‐channel multiple angular extrusion of polyethylene
VA Beloshenko, AV Voznyak, Y V. Voznyak, GV Dudarenko
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Control of the mechanical and thermal properties of semicrystalline polymers via a new processing route of the equal channel multiple angular extrusion
VA Beloshenko, AV Voznyak, YV Voznyak
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Equal-channel angular extrusion of polymers
VA Beloshenko, YV Voznyak, IY Reshidova, M Naït-Abdelaziz, F Zaïri
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Equal-channel multi-angle pressing effect on the properties of NbTi alloy
VA Beloshenko, TE Konstantinova, NI Matrosov, VZ Spuskanyuk, ...
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Polyoxymethylene orientation by equal‐channel multiple angular extrusion
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Properties of ultra‐high‐molecular polyethylene and related polymerization‐filled composites produced by solid‐state extrusion
VA Beloshenko, GV Kozlov, VN Varyukhin, VG Slobodina
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New approach to production of fiber reinforced polymer hybrid composites
V Beloshenko, Y Voznyak, A Voznyak, B Savchenko
Composites Part B: Engineering 112, 22-30, 2017
Temperature-induced changes in the EPR spectrum of the magnetic center in kaolin
VN Vasyukov, VV Shapovalov, SA Schwarz, MH Rafailovich, JC Sokolov, ...
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Mekhanica Kompozit
G Kozlov, V Beloshenko, M Gazaev, V Novikov
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Theory and practice of hydroextrusion
VA Beloshenko, VN Varyukhin, VZ Spuskanyuk
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Shape-memory effect in polymer composites with a compactible filler
VA Beloshenko, YE Beigelzimer, AP Borzenko, VN Varyukhin
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The effect of shape memory in polymers
VA Beloshenko, VN Varyukhin, V Voznyak Yu
Uspekhi Khimii 74 (3), 285-303, 2005
A microcalorimetric study of crystallizable polymers subjected to severe plastic deformation
VA Beloshenko, YV Voznyak, VM Mikhal’chuk
Polymer Science Series A 56 (3), 269-274, 2014
Thermal shrinkage of polymer mixtures obtained by solid-state extrusion
VA Beloshenko, YE Beygelzimer, VN Varyukhin
Polymer 41 (10), 3837-3840, 2000
Thermal Shrinkage of Extrudates of Ultra-High-Molecular Polyethylene and PolymerizationFilled Compositions on its Basis
VA Beloshenko, GV Kozlov, VG Slobodina, EU Prut, VG Grinev
Vysokomolek. Soed. B 37 (6), 1089-1092, 1995
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