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Dubrovska Anna
OncoRay - National Center for Radiation Research in Oncology, TU Dresden
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The role of PTEN/Akt/PI3K signaling in the maintenance and viability of prostate cancer stem-like cell populations
A Dubrovska, S Kim, RJ Salamone, JR Walker, SM Maira, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (1), 268-273, 2009
A role for cancer stem cells in therapy resistance: cellular and molecular mechanisms
M Cojoc, K Mäbert, MH Muders, A Dubrovska
Seminars in cancer biology 31, 16-27, 2015
Emerging targets in cancer management: role of the CXCL12/CXCR4 axis
M Cojoc, C Peitzsch, F Trautmann, L Polishchuk, GD Telegeev, ...
OncoTargets and therapy 6, 1347, 2013
Cancer stem cells: Radioresistance, prediction of radiotherapy outcome and specific targets for combined treatments
M Krause, A Dubrovska, A Linge, M Baumann
Advanced drug delivery reviews 109, 63-73, 2017
Aldehyde dehydrogenase is regulated by β-catenin/TCF and promotes radioresistance in prostate cancer progenitor cells
M Cojoc, C Peitzsch, I Kurth, F Trautmann, LA Kunz-Schughart, ...
Cancer research 75 (7), 1482-1494, 2015
Discovery of the cancer stem cell related determinants of radioresistance
C Peitzsch, I Kurth, L Kunz-Schughart, M Baumann, A Dubrovska
Radiotherapy and Oncology 108 (3), 378-387, 2013
Synthesis of bispecific antibodies using genetically encoded unnatural amino acids
CH Kim, JY Axup, A Dubrovska, SA Kazane, BA Hutchins, ED Wold, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (24), 9918-9921, 2012
Combination therapy targeting both tumor-initiating and differentiated cell populations in prostate carcinoma
A Dubrovska, J Elliott, RJ Salamone, S Kim, LJ Aimone, JR Walker, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 16 (23), 5692-5702, 2010
Cancer stem cells: the root of tumor recurrence and metastases
C Peitzsch, A Tyutyunnykova, K Pantel, A Dubrovska
Seminars in cancer biology 44, 10-24, 2017
CXCR4 expression in prostate cancer progenitor cells
A Dubrovska, J Elliott, RJ Salamone, GD Telegeev, AE Stakhovsky, ...
PloS one 7 (2), 2012
Cancer biomarker discovery: current status and future perspectives
K Mäbert, M Cojoc, C Peitzsch, I Kurth, S Souchelnytskyi, A Dubrovska
International journal of radiation biology 90 (8), 659-677, 2014
Hypoxia as a biomarker for radioresistant cancer stem cells
C Peitzsch, R Perrin, RP Hill, A Dubrovska, I Kurth
International journal of radiation biology 90 (8), 636-652, 2014
Clinical perspectives of cancer stem cell research in radiation oncology
R Bütof, A Dubrovska, M Baumann
Radiotherapy and Oncology 108 (3), 388-396, 2013
Increased expression of cSHMT, Tbx3 and utrophin in plasma of ovarian and breast cancer patients
M Lomnytska, A Dubrovska, U Hellman, N Volodko, S Souchelnytskyi
International journal of cancer 118 (2), 412-421, 2006
CXCR4 activation maintains a stem cell population in tamoxifen-resistant breast cancer cells through AhR signalling
A Dubrovska, A Hartung, LC Bouchez, JR Walker, VA Reddy, CY Cho, ...
British journal of cancer 107 (1), 43-52, 2012
Efficient enrichment of intact phosphorylated proteins by modified immobilized metal‐affinity chromatography
A Dubrovska, S Souchelnytskyi
Proteomics 5 (18), 4678-4683, 2005
Proteomics‐based identification of proteins interacting with Smad3: SREBP‐2 forms a complex with Smad3 and inhibits its transcriptional activity
S Grimsby, H Jaensson, A Dubrovska, M Lomnytska, U Hellman, ...
FEBS letters 577 (1-2), 93-100, 2004
TGF β 1/Smad3 counteracts BRCA1-dependent repair of DNA damage
A Dubrovska, T Kanamoto, M Lomnytska, CH Heldin, N Volodko, ...
Oncogene 24 (14), 2289-2297, 2005
Low cancer stem cell marker expression and low hypoxia identify good prognosis subgroups in HPV (−) HNSCC after postoperative radiochemotherapy: a multicenter study of the DKTK-ROG
A Linge, S Löck, V Gudziol, A Nowak, F Lohaus, C von Neubeck, M Jütz, ...
Clinical cancer research 22 (11), 2639-2649, 2016
CXCR4 as biomarker for radioresistant cancer stem cells
F Trautmann, M Cojoc, I Kurth, N Melin, LC Bouchez, A Dubrovska, ...
International journal of radiation biology 90 (8), 687-699, 2014
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