Mark Zheleznyak (Железняк Марк Иосифович)
Mark Zheleznyak (Железняк Марк Иосифович)
Inst Envir. Radioactivity, Fukushima Univ; earlier IMMS, Kiev
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Mathematical modelling of radionuclide dispersion in the Pripyat-Dnieper aquatic system after the Chernobyl accident
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Физико-математические модели наката цунами на берег
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Experiences from a case study of multi-model application to assess the behaviour of pollutants in the Dnieper–Bug Estuary
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The mathematical modelling of radionuclide transport by surface water flow from the vicinity of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant
MJ Zheleznyak
Condensed Matter Physics 12, 37-49, 1997
Aquatic dispersion models-first approaches to integration into the CEC Decision Support System based on post-Chernobyl experience
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W Raskob, D Trybushnyi, I Ievdin, M Zheleznyak
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Numerical Modeling of Passing Vessel Impacts on Berthed Vessels and Shoreline
S Fenical, P Kolomiets, S Kivva, M Zheleznyak
Coastal Engineering 2006: (In 5 Volumes), 1234-1246, 2007
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