Victoria Kyrychenko
Victoria Kyrychenko
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Doxorubicin Blocks Cardiomyocyte Autophagic Flux by Inhibiting Lysosome Acidification
HJA Li DL, Wang ZV, Ding G1, Tan W, Luo X, Criollo A, Xie M, Jiang N, May H ...
Circulation 133 (17), 1668-1687, 2016
Correction of diverse muscular dystrophy mutations in human engineered heart muscle by single-site genome editing
C Long, H Li, M Tiburcy, C Rodriguez-Caycedo, V Kyrychenko, H Zhou, ...
Science advances 4 (1), eaap9004, 2018
Functional correction of dystrophin actin binding domain mutations by genome editing
V Kyrychenko, S Kyrychenko, M Tiburcy, JM Shelton, C Long, ...
JCI insight 2 (18), 2017
Inhibition of class I histone deacetylases blunts cardiac hypertrophy through TSC2-dependent mTOR repression
HJA Morales CR, Li DL, Pedrozo Z, May HI, Jiang N, Kyrychenko V, Cho GW, Kim ...
Science Signaling 9 (422), ra34, 2016
Pivotal role of miR-448 in the development of ROS-induced cardiomyopathy
S Kyrychenko, V Kyrychenko, MA Badr, Y Ikeda, J Sadoshima, ...
Cardiovascular research 108 (3), 324-334, 2015
Histone lysine dimethyl-demethylase KDM3A controls pathological cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis
QJ Zhang, TAT Tran, M Wang, MJ Ranek, KM Kokkonen-Simon, J Gao, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-12, 2018
Mitochondrial dysfunctions during progression of dystrophic cardiomyopathy
V Kyrychenko, E Poláková, R Janíček, N Shirokova
Cell Calcium 58 (2), 186-195, 2015
Down Syndrome Critical Region 1 Gene, Rcan1, Helps Maintain a More Fused Mitochondrial Network
V Parra, F Altamirano, CP Hernández-Fuentes, D Tong, V Kyrychenko, ...
Circulation research 122 (6), e20-e33, 2018
Deficit in PINK1/PARKIN-mediated mitochondrial autophagy at late stages of dystrophic cardiomyopathy
C Kang, MA Badr, V Kyrychenko, EL Eskelinen, N Shirokova
Cardiovascular research 114 (1), 90-102, 2018
Knockdown of PSMB7 induces autophagy in cardiomyocyte cultures: possible role in endoplasmic reticulum stress
VO Kyrychenko, VS Nagibin, LV Tumanovska, DO Pashevin, ...
Pathobiology 81 (1), 8-14, 2014
Effects of ubiquitin gene silencing in anoxia-reoxygenation of cultured cardiomyocytes
VO Kyrychenko, VS Nahibin, LV Tumanovs' ka, D VIe, VK Rybal'chenko, ...
Fiziolohichnyi Zhurnal (Kiev, Ukraine: 1994) 56 (4), 37-46, 2010
Small fractions of muscular dystrophy embryonic stem cells yield severe cardiac and skeletal muscle defects in adult mouse chimeras
JP Gonzalez, S Kyrychenko, V Kyrychenko, JS Schneider, CJ Granier, ...
Stem Cells 35 (3), 597-610, 2017
Does proteasome regulate the level of microRNA-1 in cardiomyocytes? Application to anoxia-reoxygenation
V Gurianova, D Stroy, P Kruzliak, V Kyrichenko, A Moibenko, V Dosenko
Molecular and cellular biochemistry 404 (1), 45-51, 2015
Down syndrome critical region 1 gene, Rcan1, helps maintain a more fused Mitochondrial Network
MV Parra Ortíz, F Altamirano, C Hernández Fuentes, D Tong, ...
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2018
730. Permanent Correction of Diverse Muscular Dystrophy Mutations in Human Cardiomyocytes by Myoediting
C Long, H Li, V Kyrychenko, H Zhou, S Bhattacharyya, CE Rodriguez, ...
Molecular Therapy 24, S288, 2016
Mirna-448 is a Precursor of Ros-Derived Dystrophic Cardiomyopathy
S Kyrychenko, V Kyrychenko, Y Ikeda, J Sadoshima, N Shirokova
Biophysical Journal 106 (2), 777a-778a, 2014
Intracellular Sodium Overload Contributes to Deterioration of Function in Dystrophic Heart
V Kyrychenko, E Poláková, N Shirokova
Biophysical Journal 102 (3), 311a, 2012
RNA interference of proteasome subunit of PSMbeta7 gene restricts proteasome subunit PSMbeta1 and PSMbeta5 mRNA expression and peptidyl-glutamyl peptide-hydrolyzing proteasome …
VO Kyrychenko, DO Pashevin, LV Tumanovs' ka, D VIe, OO Moĭbenko
Ukrains' kyi biokhimichnyi zhurnal (1999) 83 (4), 50-56, 2011
Effects of Ubiquitin Gene Silencing in Anoxia-Reoxygenation of Neonatal Cardiomyocytes
VO Kyrychenko, VS Nagibin, LV Tumanovska, VE Dosenko, ...
International Journal of Physiology and Pathophysiology 2 (1), 2011
RNA interference of genes of ubiquitn and proteasome β7 subunit in cardiomyocytes culture
VO Kyrychenko, VS Nagibin, LV Tumanovska, VK Rybalchenko, ...
Biopolymers and Cell 26 (2), 153-159, 2010
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