Longqing Cong
Longqing Cong
Associate Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)
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Ultrasensitive terahertz sensing with high-Q Fano resonances in metasurfaces
R Singh, W Cao, I Al-Naib, L Cong, W Withayachumnankul, W Zhang
Applied Physics Letters 105 (17), 171101, 2014
Experimental demonstration of ultrasensitive sensing with terahertz metamaterial absorbers: A comparison with the metasurfaces
L Cong, S Tan, R Yahiaoui, F Yan, W Zhang, R Singh
Applied Physics Letters 106 (3), 031107, 2015
A perfect metamaterial polarization rotator
L Cong, W Cao, X Zhang, Z Tian, J Gu, R Singh, J Han, W Zhang
Applied Physics Letters 103 (17), 171107, 2013
Highly flexible broadband terahertz metamaterial quarter‐wave plate
L Cong, N Xu, J Gu, R Singh, J Han, W Zhang
Laser & Photonics Reviews 8 (4), 626-632, 2014
Manifestation of P T Symmetry Breaking in Polarization Space with Terahertz Metasurfaces
M Lawrence, N Xu, X Zhang, L Cong, J Han, W Zhang, S Zhang
Physical review letters 113 (9), 093901, 2014
Active photoswitching of sharp Fano resonances in THz metadevices
M Manjappa*, YK Srivastava*, L Cong*, I Al‐Naib, R Singh
Advanced Materials 29 (3), 1603355, 2017
Multispectral terahertz sensing with highly flexible ultrathin metamaterial absorber
R Yahiaoui, S Tan, L Cong, R Singh, F Yan, W Zhang
Journal of Applied Physics 118 (8), 083103, 2015
Fano resonances in terahertz metasurfaces: a figure of merit optimization
L Cong, M Manjappa, N Xu, I Al‐Naib, W Zhang, R Singh
Advanced Optical Materials 3 (11), 1537-1543, 2015
Sharp toroidal resonances in planar terahertz metasurfaces
M Gupta, V Savinov, N Xu, L Cong, G Dayal, S Wang, W Zhang, ...
Advanced Materials 28 (37), 8206-8211, 2016
All-optical active THz metasurfaces for ultrafast polarization switching and dynamic beam splitting
L Cong, YK Srivastava, H Zhang, X Zhang, J Han, R Singh
Light: Science & Applications 7 (1), 1-9, 2018
Tailoring the slow light behavior in terahertz metasurfaces
M Manjappa, SY Chiam, L Cong, AA Bettiol, W Zhang, R Singh
Applied Physics Letters 106 (18), 181101, 2015
A tunable dispersion‐free terahertz metadevice with Pancharatnam–Berry‐Phase‐enabled modulation and polarization control
L Cong, N Xu, J Han, W Zhang, R Singh
Advanced Materials 27 (42), 6630-6636, 2015
Manipulating polarization states of terahertz radiation using metamaterials
L Cong, W Cao, Z Tian, J Gu, J Han, W Zhang
New Journal of physics 14 (11), 115013, 2012
Ultrahigh‐Q Fano Resonances in Terahertz Metasurfaces: Strong Influence of Metallic Conductivity at Extremely Low Asymmetry
YK Srivastava, M Manjappa, L Cong, W Cao, I Al‐Naib, W Zhang, R Singh
Advanced Optical Materials 4 (3), 457-463, 2016
Active Phase Transition via Loss Engineering in a Terahertz MEMS Metamaterial
L Cong, P Pitchappa, C Lee, R Singh
Advanced Materials 29 (26), 1700733, 2017
Monolayer graphene sensing enabled by the strong Fano-resonant metasurface
Q Li*, L Cong*, R Singh, N Xu, W Cao, X Zhang, Z Tian, L Du, J Han, ...
Nanoscale 8 (39), 17278-17284, 2016
All‐Dielectric Active Terahertz Photonics Driven by Bound States in the Continuum
S Han, L Cong, YK Srivastava, B Qiang, MV Rybin, A Kumar, R Jain, ...
Advanced Materials 31 (37), 1901921, 2019
Active Multifunctional Microelectromechanical System Metadevices: Applications in Polarization Control, Wavefront Deflection, and Holograms
L Cong, P Pitchappa, Y Wu, L Ke, C Lee, N Singh, H Yang, R Singh
Advanced Optical Materials 5 (2), 1600716, 2017
Polarization control in terahertz metasurfaces with the lowest order rotational symmetry
L Cong, N Xu, W Zhang, R Singh
Advanced Optical Materials 3 (9), 1176-1183, 2015
Ultrafast all‐optical switching of germanium‐based flexible metaphotonic devices
WX Lim, M Manjappa, YK Srivastava, L Cong, A Kumar, KF MacDonald, ...
Advanced materials 30 (9), 2018
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