Steven Munger
Steven Munger
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Subsystem organization of the mammalian sense of smell
SD Munger, T Leinders-Zufall, F Zufall
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Bitter taste receptors influence glucose homeostasis
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More than smell—COVID-19 is associated with severe impairment of smell, taste, and chemesthesis
V Parma, K Ohla, MG Veldhuizen, MY Niv, CE Kelly, AJ Bakke, ...
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H Baker, DM Cummings, SD Munger, JW Margolis, L Franzen, RR Reed, ...
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AA Clark, SB Liggett, SD Munger
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Mechanisms for sweetness
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F Zufall, SD Munger
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A Pérez-Gómez, K Bleymehl, B Stein, M Pyrski, L Birnbaumer, SD Munger, ...
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AA Clark, CD Dotson, AET Elson, A Voigt, U Boehm, W Meyerhof, ...
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Glucagon signaling modulates sweet taste responsiveness
AET Elson, CD Dotson, JM Egan, SD Munger
The FASEB Journal 24 (10), 3960-3969, 2010
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