Paweł Droździel
Paweł Droździel
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Drivers’ reaction time research in the conditions in the real traffic
P Droździel, S Tarkowski, I Rybicka, R Wrona
Open Engineering 10 (1), 35-47, 2020
Vehicle tire pressure monitoring systems
J Caban, P Droździel, D Barta, Š Liščák
Diagnostyka 15 (3), 11--14, 2014
An analysis of costs of vehicle repairs in a transportation company. Part I
P Droździel, H Komsta, L Krzywonos
Transport Problems 7, 67-75, 2012
The future of autonomous vehicles in the opinion of automotive market users
M Stoma, A Dudziak, J Caban, P Droździel
Energies 14 (16), 4777, 2021
Approach methodology for comprehensive assessing the public passenger transport timetable performances at a regional scale
V Ľupták, P Droździel, O Stopka, M Stopková, I Rybicka
Sustainability 11 (13), 3532, 2019
Optimization of the post logistics network and location of the local distribution center in selected area of the Lublin province
P Droździel, M Wińska, R Madleňák, P Szumski
Procedia Engineering 192, 130-135, 2017
Repair costs and the intensity of vehicle use
P Droździel, H Komsta, L Krzywonos
Transport Problems 8, 2013
The research on ageing of glycol-based brake fluids of vehicles in operation
J Caban, P Droździel, J Vrábel, B Šarkan, A Marczuk, L Krzywonos, ...
Advances in Science and Technology. Research Journal 10 (32), 9--16, 2016
Effect of hydrogen addition on the energetic and ecologic parameters of an SI engine fueled by biogas
S Pukalskas, D Kriaučiūnas, A Rimkus, G Przybyła, P Droździel, D Barta
Applied Sciences 11 (2), 742, 2021
Statistical analyses of selected maintenance parameters of vehicles of road transport companies
J Caban, P Droździel, L Krzywonos, I Rybicka, B Šarkan, J Vrábel
Advances in Science and Technology. Research Journal 13 (1), 1-13, 2019
Methodology to propose a regional transport organization within specific integrated transport system: A case study
I Rybicka, P Droździel, O Stopka, V Luptak
Transport Problems 13, 2018
An analysis of unit repair costs as a function of mileage of vehicles in a selected transport company
P Droździel, H Komsta, H Krzywonos
Transport Problems 9 (4), 73--81, 2014
The reliability model for failure cause analysis of pressure vessel protective fittings with taking into account load-sharing effect between valves
T Stefanovych, S Shcherbovskykh, P Droździel
Diagnostyka 16 (4), 17-24, 2015
Application of the methodology related to the emission standard to specific railway line in comparison with parallel road transport: A case study
I Rybicka, O Stopka, V Ľupták, M Chovancová, P Droździel
MATEC Web of Conferences 244, 03002, 2018
Level of occupational stress, personality and traffic incidents: Comparative study of public and freight transport drivers
P Mamcarz, P Droździel, L Madleňáková, A Sieradzki, P Droździel
Transportation Research Procedia 40, 1453-1458, 2019
Optimization of the position of the local distribution centre of the regional post logistics network
P Droździel, A Wińska, R Madleňák, P Szumski
Transport Problems 12 (3), 43-50, 2017
Prospects of international freight transport in the East-West direction
P Droździel, B Bukova, E Brumerčíková
Transport Problems 10 (4), 5--13, 2015
The impact of changing the fuel dose on chosen parameters of the diesel engine start-up process
J Caban, P Droździel, P Ignaciuk, P Kordos
Transport problems 14, 2019
The engine set damage assessment in the public transport vehicles
P Droździel, I Rybicka, R Madleňák, A Andrusiuk, D Siłuch
Advances in Science and Technology. Research Journal 11 (1), 117-127, 2017
Analysis of possibilities to improve environmental operating parameters of modern compression–ignition engines
T Osipowicz, KF Abramek, D Barta, P Droździel, M Lisowski
Advances in Science and Technology. Research Journal 12 (2), 2018
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