Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering
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Electronic structure and bulk properties of and borides
GE Grechnev, AE Baranovskiy, VD Fil, TV Ignatova, IG Kolobov, ...
Low Temperature Physics 34 (11), 921-929, 2008
Elastic constants of borocarbides. New approach to acoustic measurement technique
EA Masalitin, VD Fil’, KR Zhekov, AN Zholobenko, TV Ignatova, SI Lee
Low Temperature Physics 29 (1), 72-76, 2003
Electronic structure, bulk and magnetic properties of MB6 and MB12 borides
AE Baranovskiy, GE Grechnev, VD Fil, TV Ignatova, AV Logosha, ...
Journal of alloys and compounds 442 (1-2), 228-230, 2007
Significant FRET between SWNT/DNA and rare earth ions: a signature of their spatial correlations
T Ignatova, H Najafov, A Ryasnyanskiy, I Biaggio, M Zheng, SV Rotkin
ACS nano 5 (7), 6052-6059, 2011
Synthesis, sound velocity, and dynamics of the vortex phase
TV Ignatova, GA Zvyagina, IG Kolobov, EA Masalitin, VD Fil’, YV Paderno, ...
Low Temperature Physics 28 (3), 190-193, 2002
Mass of an Abrikosov vortex
VD Fil, TV Ignatova, NG Burma, AI Petrishin, DV Fil, NY Shitsevalova
Low Temperature Physics 33 (12), 1019-1022, 2007
Elastic properties and phonon spectra of quasi-two-dimensional
IA Gospodarev, AV Eremenko, TV Ignatova, GV Kamarchuk, IG Kolobov, ...
Low Temperature Physics 29 (2), 151-154, 2003
MgB 2: synthesis, sound velocity and vortex phase dynamics
TV Ignatova, GA Zvyagina, IG Kolobov, EA Masalitin, VD Fil, YB Paderno, ...
Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur 28 (3), 270-274, 2002
Electronic and magnetic dynamic properties of imidazolate complexes
F Ragot, S Belin, VG Ivanov, DL Perry, M Ortega, TV Ignatova, IG Kolobov, ...
Materials Science 20 (3), 11-27, 2002
Formation and dynamics of “waterproof” photoluminescent complexes of rare earth ions in crowded environment
T Ignatova, M Blades, JG Duque, SK Doorn, I Biaggio, SV Rotkin
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (48), 26715-26721, 2014
Micro-Raman spectroscopy as an enabling tool for long-term intracellular studies of nanomaterials at nanomolar concentration levels
T Ignatova, S Chandrasekar, M Pirbhai, SS Jedlicka, SV Rotkin
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 5 (32), 6536-6545, 2017
Two-color spectroscopy of UV excited ssDNA complex with a single-wall nanotube photoluminescence probe: Fast relaxation by nucleobase autoionization mechanism
T Ignatova, A Balaeff, M Blades, M Zheng, P Stoeckl, SV Rotkin
Nano Research 9 (2), 571-583, 2016
Discovering properties of nanocarbon materials as a pivot for device applications
T Ignatova, SV Rotkin
Electrochemical Society Interface 22 (3), 57, 2013
Anisotropy of spin reorientation fields in Nd2CuO4
TV Ignatova, AL Gaiduk, IG Kolobov, VD Fil, DV Fil, SN Barilo, ...
Low Temperature Physics 22, 1031-1033, 1996
Magnetoelastic effects inNd 2 CuO 4 single crystals
VD Fil, AL Gaiduk, IG Kolobov, TV Ignatova, DV Fil, SN Barilo, ...
Czechoslovak Journal of Physics 46 (4), 2153-2154, 1996
Toxicity Studies of [60] Fullerene and Carbon Nanotubes: State of the Art
J Kolosnjaj-Tabi, T Baati, H Szwarc, F Moussa
Handbook of Carbon Nano Materials 3, 49-81, 2012
Augmentation of C17. 2 Neural Stem Cell Differentiation via Uptake of Low Concentrations of ssDNA‐Wrapped Single‐Walled Carbon Nanotubes
M Pirbhai, S Chandrasekar, M Zheng, T Ignatova, SV Rotkin, SS Jedlicka
Advanced Biosystems 3 (4), 1800321, 2019
Photophysical properties and interactions in Single Wall Nanotube-DNA-Rare Earth systems
T Ignatova
Near-Field Optics of SWNTs and FRET in their Nanoscale Complexes
T Ignatova, AM Nemilentsau, SV Rotkin
Handbook of carbon nano materials 4, 2012
Investigation of interfacial charge transfer in hybrid system of Graphene-MoS2
S Pourianejad, F Aryeetey, O Ayodele, S Aravamudhan, T Ignatova
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2020
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