Eran Rabani
Eran Rabani
Professor of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley
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Drying-mediated self-assembly of nanoparticles
E Rabani, DR Reichman, PL Geissler, LE Brus
Nature 426 (6964), 271-274, 2003
Heavily doped semiconductor nanocrystal quantum dots
D Mocatta, G Cohen, J Schattner, O Millo, E Rabani, U Banin
Science 332 (6025), 77-81, 2011
Formation of asymmetric one-sided metal-tipped semiconductor nanocrystal dots and rods
T Mokari, CG Sztrum, A Salant, E Rabani, U Banin
Nature Materials 4 (11), 855-863, 2005
Real-time path integral approach to nonequilibrium many-body quantum systems
L Mühlbacher, E Rabani
Physical review letters 100 (17), 176403, 2008
Electronic properties of CdSe nanocrystals in the absence and presence of a dielectric medium
E Rabani, B Hetenyi, BJ Berne, LE Brus
The Journal of chemical physics 110 (11), 5355-5369, 1999
Structure and electrostatic properties of passivated CdSe nanocrystals
E Rabani
The Journal of Chemical Physics 115 (3), 1493-1497, 2001
An interatomic pair potential for cadmium selenide
E Rabani
The Journal of chemical physics 116 (1), 258-262, 2002
Single-particle mapping of nonequilibrium nanocrystal transformations
X Ye, MR Jones, LB Frechette, Q Chen, AS Powers, P Ercius, G Dunn, ...
Science 354 (6314), 874-877, 2016
Direct observation of nanoparticle superlattice formation by using liquid cell transmission electron microscopy
J Park, H Zheng, WC Lee, PL Geissler, E Rabani, AP Alivisatos
ACS nano 6 (3), 2078-2085, 2012
Optimal metal domain size for photocatalysis with hybrid semiconductor-metal nanorods
Y Ben-Shahar, F Scotognella, I Kriegel, L Moretti, G Cerullo, E Rabani, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-7, 2016
Calculating the hopping rate for self-diffusion on rough potential energy surfaces: Cage correlations
E Rabani, JD Gezelter, BJ Berne
The Journal of chemical physics 107 (17), 6867-6876, 1997
Electrostatic force microscopy study of single Au− CdSe hybrid nanodumbbells: Evidence for light-induced charge separation
R Costi, G Cohen, A Salant, E Rabani, U Banin
Nano letters 9 (5), 2031-2039, 2009
Memory effects in nonequilibrium quantum impurity models
G Cohen, E Rabani
Physical Review B 84 (7), 075150, 2011
Mechanisms of the wurtzite to rocksalt transformation in CdSe nanocrystals
M Grünwald, E Rabani, C Dellago
Physical review letters 96 (25), 255701, 2006
Can imaginary instantaneous normal mode frequencies predict barriers to self-diffusion?
JD Gezelter, E Rabani, BJ Berne
The Journal of chemical physics 107 (12), 4618-4627, 1997
Numerically exact long-time magnetization dynamics at the nonequilibrium Kondo crossover of the Anderson impurity model
G Cohen, E Gull, DR Reichman, AJ Millis, E Rabani
Physical Review B 87 (19), 195108, 2013
Breaking the Theoretical Scaling Limit for Predicting Quasiparticle Energies: The Stochastic G W Approach
D Neuhauser, Y Gao, C Arntsen, C Karshenas, E Rabani, R Baer
Physical review letters 113 (7), 076402, 2014
Distribution of multiexciton generation rates in CdSe and InAs nanocrystals
E Rabani, R Baer
Nano letters 8 (12), 4488-4492, 2008
Direct observation of stretched-exponential relaxation in low-temperature Lennard-Jones systems using the cage correlation function
BJB Eran Rabani, J. Daniel Gezelter
Physical Review Letters 82 (18), 3649, 1999
The calculation of transport properties in quantum liquids using the maximum entropy numerical analytic continuation method: Application to liquid para-hydrogen
E Rabani, DR Reichman, G Krilov, BJ Berne
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 99 (3), 1129-1133, 2002
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