Neng Li(李能)
Neng Li(李能)
Wuhan University of Techology, University of Cambridge (UoC)
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Photocatalytic Fixation of Nitrogen to Ammonia: State-of-the-Art Advancement and Future Prospects
X Chen, N Li*, Z Kong, WJ Ong*, X Zhao
Materials Horizons 5, 9-27, 2018
Surface and Heterointerface Engineering of 2D MXenes and their Nanocomposites: Insights into Electro- and Photo-catalysis
J Peng, X Chen, WJ Ong*, X Zhao, N Li*
Chem,, 2019
Nitrogen-doped Ti3C2Tx MXene electrodes for high-performance supercapacitors
Y Wen, TE Rufford, X Chen, N Li, M Lyu, L Dai, L Wang
Nano energy 38, 368-376, 2017
Heteroatom-doped carbon dots: synthesis, characterization, properties, photoluminescence mechanism and biological applications
Q Xu, T Kuang, Y Liu, L Cai, X Peng, TS Sreeprasad, P Zhao, Z Yu, N Li
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 4 (45), 7204-7219, 2016
Promising prospects for 2D d2-d4 M3C2 transition metal carbides (MXenes) in N2 capture and conversion into ammonia
CS Luis Miguel Azofra, Neng Li, Doug MacFarlane
Energy & Environmental Science, 2016
Unravelling charge carrier dynamics in interfacing protonated g-C₃N₄ with carbon nanodots as co-catalysts toward enhanced photocatalytic CO₂ reduction: A combined …
WJ Ong, LK Putri, YC Tan, LL Tan, N Li, YH Ng, X Wen, SP Chai
Nano Research, 2017
Understanding of Electrochemical Mechanisms for CO2 Capture and Conversion into Hydrocarbon Fuels in Transition-Metal Carbides (MXenes)
N Li, X Chen, WJ Ong, DR Macfarlane, X Zhao, AK Cheetham, C Sun
ACS Nano,, 2017
Multi-funcational Ni3C Cocatalyst/g-C3N4 nanoheterojunctions for robust photocatalytic H2 evolution under Visible Light
K He, ZQL Jun Xie, N Li*, X Chen, J Hu, X Li*
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2018
Bifunctional Cu3P Decorated g-C3N4 Nanosheets as a Highly Active and Robust Visible-Light Photocatalyst for H2 Production
R Shen, J Xie, X Lu, X Chen, X Li
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 6 (3), 4026-4036, 2018
The rising star of two-dimensional black phosphorus beyond graphene: Synthesis, properties and electronic applications
P Chen, N Li*, X Chen, WJ Ong, X Zhao
2D Materials, 2018
g-C3N4 decorated ZnO nanorod arrays for enhanced photoelectrocatalytic performance
PY Kuang, YZ Su, GF Chen, Z Luo, SY Xing, N Li, ZQ Liu
Applied Surface Science 358, 296-303, 2015
Interface Bonds Determined Gas-Sensing of SnO2–SnS2 Hybrids to Ammonia at Room Temperature
K Xu, N Li, D Zeng, S Tian, S Zhang, D Hu, C Xie
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (21), 11359-11368, 2015
Magnetically separable Fe3O4@ SiO2@ TiO2-Ag microspheres with well-designed nanostructure and enhanced photocatalytic activity
Y Chi, Q Yuan, Y Li, L Zhao, N Li, X Li, W Yan
Journal of hazardous materials 262, 404-411, 2013
Synthesis, mechanistic investigation, and application of photoluminescent sulfur and nitrogen co-doped carbon dots
Q Xu, Y Liu, C Gao, J Wei, H Zhou, Y Chen, C Dong, TS Sreeprasad, N Li, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3 (38), 9885-9893, 2015
Enhanced photoelectrocatalytic activity of BiOI nanoplate–zinc oxide nanorod p–n heterojunction
PY Kuang, JR Ran, ZQ Liu, HJ Wang, N Li, YZ Su, YG Jin, SZ Qiao
Chemistry–A European Journal 21 (43), 15360-15368, 2015
Unravelling the electrochemical mechanisms for nitrogen fixation on single transition metal atom embedded in defective graphitic carbon nitride
X Chen, X Zhao, Z Kong, WJ Ong*, N Li*
Journal of Materials Chemistry A; 10.1039/C8TA06497K, 2018
Metal Support Interaction in Pt Nanoparticles Partially Confined in the Mesopores of Microsized Mesoporous CeO2 for Highly Efficient Purification of Volatile Organic Compounds
XZ Mingyang Mao, Haiqin Lv, Yuanzhi Li, Yi Yang, Min Zeng, Neng Li
ACS Catal, 2015
Defect-rich O-incorporated 1T-MoS2 nanosheets for remarkably enhanced visible-light photocatalytic H2 evolution over CdS: The impact of enriched defects
XH Zhang, N Li, J Wu, YZ Zheng, X Tao
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 229, 227-236, 2018
Highly fluorescent Zn-doped carbon dots as Fenton reaction-based bio-sensors: an integrative experimental–theoretical consideration
Q Xu, Y Liu, R Su, L Cai, B Li, Y Zhang, L Zhang, Y Wang, Y Wang, N Li*, ...
Nanoscale 8 (41), 17919-17927, 2016
MnOx/SWCNT macro-films as flexible binder-free anodes for high-performance Li-ion batteries
J Qin, Q Zhang, Z Cao, X Li, C Hu, B Wei
Nano Energy 2 (5), 733-741, 2013
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