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Enyu Rao
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The miRNA-17∼ 92 cluster mediates chemoresistance and enhances tumor growth in mantle cell lymphoma via PI3K/AKT pathway activation
E Rao, C Jiang, M Ji, X Huang, J Iqbal, G Lenz, G Wright, LM Staudt, ...
Leukemia 26 (5), 1064-1072, 2012
The effect of immunosuppressive drug rapamycin on regulatory CD4+ CD25+ Foxp3+ T cells in mice
Y Qu, B Zhang, L Zhao, G Liu, H Ma, E Rao, C Zeng, Y Zhao
Transplant immunology 17 (3), 153-161, 2007
Host STING-dependent MDSC mobilization drives extrinsic radiation resistance
WRR Liang H, Deng L, Hou Y, Meng X, Huang X, Rao E, Zheng W, Mauceri H, Mack ...
Nature Communications 8 (1), 1736, 2017
MicroRNA-17-92 significantly enhances radioresistance in human mantle cell lymphoma cells
P Jiang, EY Rao, N Meng, Y Zhao, JJ Wang
Radiation oncology 5 (1), 1-8, 2010
The miR-17-92 microRNA cluster is regulated by multiple mechanisms in B-cell malignancies
M Ji, E Rao, H Ramachandrareddy, Y Shen, C Jiang, J Chen, Y Hu, ...
The American journal of pathology 179 (4), 1645-1656, 2011
Epidermal fatty acid binding protein promotes skin inflammation induced by high-fat diet
Y Zhang, Q Li, E Rao, Y Sun, ME Grossmann, RJ Morris, MP Cleary, B Li
Immunity 42 (5), 953-964, 2015
Fatty acid-binding protein E-FABP restricts tumor growth by promoting IFN-β responses in tumor-associated macrophages
Y Zhang, Y Sun, E Rao, F Yan, Q Li, Y Zhang, KAT Silverstein, S Liu, ...
Cancer research 74 (11), 2986-2998, 2014
TSC1/2 signaling complex is essential for peripheral naive CD8+ T cell survival and homeostasis in mice
L Zhang, H Zhang, L Li, Y Xiao, E Rao, Z Miao, H Chen, L Sun, H Li, G Liu, ...
PloS one 7 (2), e30592, 2012
miR-17-92 plays an oncogenic role and conveys chemo-resistance to cisplatin in human prostate cancer cells
P Zhou, L Ma, J Zhou, M Jiang, E Rao, Y Zhao, F Guo
International journal of oncology 48 (4), 1737-1748, 2016
Fatty acid-binding protein FABP4 mechanistically links obesity with aggressive AML by enhancing aberrant DNA methylation in AML cells
F Yan, N Shen, JX Pang, YW Zhang, EY Rao, AM Bode, A Al-Kali, ...
Leukemia 31 (6), 1434-1442, 2017
Non-canonical NF-κB antagonizes STING sensor-mediated DNA sensing in radiotherapy
Y Hou, H Liang, E Rao, W Zheng, X Huang, L Deng, Y Zhang, X Yu, M Xu, ...
Immunity 49 (3), 490-503. e4, 2018
Deficiency of AMPK in CD8+ T cells suppresses their anti-tumor function by inducing protein phosphatase-mediated cell death
E Rao, Y Zhang, G Zhu, J Hao, XMT Persson, NK Egilmez, J Suttles, B Li
Oncotarget 6 (10), 7944, 2015
AMPK-dependent and independent effects of AICAR and compound C on T-cell responses
E Rao, Y Zhang, Q Li, J Hao, NK Egilmez, J Suttles, B Li
Oncotarget 7 (23), 33783, 2016
Adipose fatty acid binding protein promotes saturated fatty acid–induced macrophage cell death through enhancing ceramide production
Y Zhang, E Rao, J Zeng, J Hao, Y Sun, S Liu, ER Sauter, DA Bernlohr, ...
The Journal of Immunology 198 (2), 798-807, 2017
Inhibition of tumor growth by a newly-identified activator for epidermal fatty acid binding protein
E Rao, P Singh, X Zhai, Y Li, G Zhu, Y Zhang, J Hao, YI Chi, RE Brown, ...
Oncotarget 6 (10), 7815, 2015
Targeting epidermal fatty acid binding protein for treatment of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
E Rao, P Singh, Y Li, Y Zhang, YI Chi, J Suttles, B Li
BMC immunology 16 (1), 1-12, 2015
RSK2 phosphorylates T-bet to attenuate colon cancer metastasis and growth
K Yao, C Peng, Y Zhang, TA Zykova, MH Lee, SY Lee, E Rao, H Chen, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (48), 12791-12796, 2017
Study on Tolerance of Different Wheat Cultivars to Monosulfuron [J]
L Yonghong
Pesticides, 2002
Compatibility of porcine and human interleukin 2: implications for xenotransplantation
B Zhang, B Ge, X Xia, J Liu, L Sun, E Rao, Y Zhao
Xenotransplantation 13 (5), 423-432, 2006
Cloning and expression of a cDNA encoding CaMBP-10 and CaM binding activity analysis
Q Qian, R Enyu, W Zhe, L Hua, L Qilang, L Cuifeng
Zhongguo Sheng wu hua xue yu fen zi Sheng wu xue bao= Chinese Journal of …, 2004
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