Christopher A. Williams
Christopher A. Williams
Professor of Geography, Clark University
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Terrestrial gross carbon dioxide uptake: global distribution and covariation with climate
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Recent decline in the global land evapotranspiration trend due to limited moisture supply
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Temporal and among‐site variability of inherent water use efficiency at the ecosystem level
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A model-data intercomparison of CO2 exchange across North America: Results from the North American Carbon Program site synthesis
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Climate and vegetation controls on the surface water balance: Synthesis of evapotranspiration measured across a global network of flux towers
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Assimilation exceeds respiration sensitivity to drought: A FLUXNET synthesis
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Determining land surface fractional cover from NDVI and rainfall time series for a savanna ecosystem
TM Scanlon, JD Albertson, KK Caylor, CA Williams
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Recent pause in the growth rate of atmospheric CO2 due to enhanced terrestrial carbon uptake
TF Keenan, IC Prentice, JG Canadell, CA Williams, H Wang, M Raupach, ...
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Africa and the global carbon cycle
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The full greenhouse gases budget of Africa: synthesis, uncertainties and vulnerabilities
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Natural climate solutions for the United States
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Carbon consequences of forest disturbance and recovery across the conterminous United States
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Nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in forest streams of the United States
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Soil moisture controls on canopy-scale water and carbon fluxes in an African savanna
CA Williams, JD Albertson
Water Resources Research 40 (9), W09302, 2004
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