Endalkachew Sahle-Demessie
Endalkachew Sahle-Demessie
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Life cycle assessment of an ionic liquid versus molecular solvents and their applications
Y Zhang, BR Bakshi, ES Demessie
Environmental science & technology 42 (5), 1724-1730, 2008
Sn-exchanged hydrotalcites as catalysts for clean and selective Baeyer–Villiger oxidation of ketones using hydrogen peroxide
UR Pillai, E Sahle-Demessie
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 191 (1), 93-100, 2003
Selective oxidation of alcohols in gas phase using light-activated titanium dioxide
UR Pillai, E Sahle–Demessie
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Selective oxidation of alcohols by molecular oxygen over a Pd/MgO catalyst in the absence of any additives
UR Pillai, E Sahle-Demessie
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Transport and deposition of CeO2 nanoparticles in water-saturated porous media
Z Li, E Sahle-Demessie, AA Hassan, GA Sorial
Water research 45 (15), 4409-4418, 2011
Selective oxidation of styrene to acetophenone in the presence of ionic liquids
VV Namboodiri, RS Varma, E Sahle-Demessie, UR Pillai
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Oxidation of alcohols over Fe3+/montmorillonite-K10 using hydrogen peroxide
UR Pillai, E Sahle-Demessie
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Nanoscale TiO2 films and their application in remediation of organic pollutants
G Varshney, SR Kanel, DM Kempisty, V Varshney, A Agrawal, ...
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 306, 43-64, 2016
Maleic anhydride hydrogenation over Pd/Al2O3 catalyst under supercritical CO2 medium
UR Pillai, E Sahle-Demessie, D Young
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 43 (2), 131-138, 2003
Vanadium phosphorus oxide as an efficient catalyst for hydrocarbon oxidations using hydrogen peroxide
UR Pillai, E Sahle-Demessie
New Journal of chemistry 27 (3), 525-528, 2003
Phenanthroline-stabilized palladium nanoparticles in polyethylene glycol—an active and recyclable catalyst system for the selective hydrogenation of olefins using molecular …
UR Pillai, E Sahle-Demessie
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 222 (1-2), 153-158, 2004
Microwave-expedited olefin epoxidation over hydrotalcites using hydrogen peroxide and acetonitrile
UR Pillai, E Sahle-Demessie, RS Varma
Tetrahedron letters 43 (16), 2909-2911, 2002
Thermal gradient fractionation of glyceride mixtures under supercritical fluid conditions
JW King, E Sahle-Demessie, F Temelli, JA Teel
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Selective oxidation of alcohols over vanadium phosphorus oxide catalyst using hydrogen peroxide
UR Pillai, E Sahle-Demessie
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Catalytic oxidation of dimethyl sulfide with ozone: Effects of promoter and physico-chemical properties of metal oxide catalysts
VG Devulapelli, E Sahle-Demessie
Applied Catalysis A: General 348 (1), 86-93, 2008
Mesoporous iron phosphate as an active, selective and recyclable catalyst for the synthesis of nopol by Prins condensation
UR Pillai, E Sahle-Demessie
Chemical communications, 826-827, 2004
A highly efficient oxidation of cyclohexane over VPO catalysts using hydrogen peroxide
UR Pillai, E Sahle-Demessie
Chemical communications, 2142-2143, 2002
Synthesizing alcohols and ketones by photoinduced catalytic partial oxidation of hydrocarbons in TiO2 film reactors prepared by three different methods
E Sahle-Demessie, M Gonzalez, ZM Wang, P Biswas
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 38 (9), 3276-3284, 1999
Supercritical carbon dioxide treatment: Effect on permeability of Douglas-fir heartwood
ES Demessie, A Hassan, KL Levien, S Kumar, JJ Morrell
Wood and Fiber Science 27 (3), 296-300, 1995
NanoRelease: Pilot interlaboratory comparison of a weathering protocol applied to resilient and labile polymers with and without embedded carbon nanotubes
W Wohlleben, C Kingston, J Carter, E Sahle-Demessie, ...
Carbon 113, 346-360, 2017
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