Evgeniya Sheremet
Evgeniya Sheremet
Professor of Physics, Tomsk Polytechnic University
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Enhancement of the thermoelectric properties of PEDOT: PSS thin films by post-treatment
J Luo, D Billep, T Waechtler, T Otto, M Toader, O Gordan, E Sheremet, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1 (26), 7576-7583, 2013
The substrate matters in the Raman spectroscopy analysis of cells
L Mikoliunaite, RD Rodriguez, E Sheremet, V Kolchuzhin, J Mehner, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-10, 2015
Chemical post-treatment and thermoelectric properties of poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxylthiophene): poly (styrenesulfonate) thin films
J Luo, D Billep, T Blaudeck, E Sheremet, RD Rodriguez, DRT Zahn, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (5), 054908, 2014
Surface-and tip-enhanced resonant Raman scattering from CdSe nanocrystals
E Sheremet, AG Milekhin, RD Rodriguez, T Weiss, M Nesterov, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (33), 21198-21203, 2015
Compact metal probes: A solution for atomic force microscopy based tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
RD Rodriguez, E Sheremet, S Müller, OD Gordan, A Villabona, S Schulze, ...
Review of scientific instruments 83 (12), 123708, 2012
Combination of surface-and interference-enhanced Raman scattering by CuS nanocrystals on nanopatterned Au structures
AG Milekhin, NA Yeryukov, LL Sveshnikova, TA Duda, EE Rodyakina, ...
Beilstein journal of nanotechnology 6 (1), 749-754, 2015
Surface-and tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy reveals spin-waves in iron oxide nanoparticles
RD Rodriguez, E Sheremet, T Deckert-Gaudig, C Chaneac, M Hietschold, ...
Nanoscale 7 (21), 9545-9551, 2015
Carbon/carbon nanocomposites fabricated by base catalyzed twin polymerization of a Si-spiro compound on graphite sheets
T Ebert, G Cox, E Sheremet, O Gordan, DRT Zahn, F Simon, S Spange
Chemical Communications 48 (79), 9867-9869, 2012
The correlation between electrical conductivity and second-order Raman modes of laser-reduced graphene oxide
B Ma, RD Rodriguez, A Ruban, S Pavlov, E Sheremet
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (19), 10125-10134, 2019
Surface enhanced Raman scattering by organic and inorganic semiconductors formed on laterally ordered arrays of Au nanoclusters
AG Milekhin, NA Yeryukov, LL Sveshnikova, TA Duda, EE Rodyakina, ...
Thin Solid Films 543, 35-40, 2013
Thermo-mechanical characterization of copper through-silicon vias (Cu-TSVs) using micro-Raman spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy
P Bayat, D Vogel, RD Rodriguez, E Sheremet, DRT Zahn, S Rzepka, ...
Microelectronic Engineering 137, 101-104, 2015
Nanoscale imaging and identification of a four-component carbon sample
E Sheremet, RD Rodriguez, AL Agapov, AP Sokolov, M Hietschold, ...
Carbon 96, 588-593, 2016
Enhanced field emission from lanthanum hexaboride coated multiwalled carbon nanotubes: Correlation with physical properties
R Patra, S Ghosh, E Sheremet, M Jha, RD Rodriguez, D Lehmann, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 116 (16), 164309, 2014
Nanoscale optical and electrical characterization of horizontally aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes
RD Rodriguez, M Toader, S Hermann, E Sheremet, S Müller, OD Gordan, ...
Nanoscale research letters 7 (1), 1-6, 2012
Aluminum and copper nanostructures for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy: A one-to-one comparison to silver and gold
RD Rodriguez, E Sheremet, M Nesterov, S Moras, M Rahaman, T Weiss, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 262, 922-927, 2018
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering and gap-mode tip-enhanced Raman scattering investigations of phthalocyanine molecules on gold nanostructured substrates
E Sheremet, RD Rodriguez, DRT Zahn, AG Milekhin, EE Rodyakina, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and …, 2014
Selective Raman modes and strong photoluminescence of gallium selenide flakes on sp2 carbon
RD Rodriguez, S Müller, E Sheremet, DRT Zahn, A Villabona, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and …, 2014
Temperature-dependent Raman investigation of rolled up InGaAs/GaAs microtubes
RD Rodriguez, E Sheremet, DJ Thurmer, D Lehmann, OD Gordan, ...
Nanoscale research letters 7 (1), 1-5, 2012
Carbon nanotube based via interconnects: Performance estimation based on the resistance of individual carbon nanotubes
H Fiedler, M Toader, S Hermann, RD Rodriguez, E Sheremet, M Rennau, ...
Microelectronic engineering 120, 210-215, 2014
Large-scale self-organized gold nanostructures with bidirectional plasmon resonances for SERS
B Schreiber, D Gkogkou, L Dedelaite, J Kerbusch, R Hübner, E Sheremet, ...
RSC advances 8 (40), 22569-22576, 2018
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