Felix Danilov, Ф. Данилов
Felix Danilov, Ф. Данилов
Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology
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Oxygen and ozone evolution at fluoride modified lead dioxide electrodes
R Amadelli, L Armelao, AB Velichenko, NV Nikolenko, DV Girenko, ...
Electrochimica Acta 45 (4-5), 713-720, 1999
Electrodeposition of Co-doped lead dioxide and its physicochemical properties
AB Velichenko, R Amadelli, EA Baranova, DV Girenko, FI Danilov
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Electrosynthesis and physicochemical properties of PbO2 films
AB Velichenko, R Amadelli, A Benedetti, DV Girenko, SV Kovalyov, ...
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Electrosynthesis and physicochemical properties of Fe-doped lead dioxide electrocatalysts
AB Velichenko, R Amadelli, GL Zucchini, DV Girenko, FI Danilov
Electrochimica Acta 45 (25-26), 4341-4350, 2000
Kinetics and mechanism of chromium electrodeposition from formate and oxalate solutions of Cr (III) compounds
V Protsenko, F Danilov
Electrochimica Acta 54 (24), 5666-5672, 2009
Influence of the electrode history and effects of the electrolyte composition and temperature on O2 evolution at β-PbO2 anodes in acid media
R Amadelli, A Maldotti, A Molinari, FI Danilov, AB Velichenko
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 534 (1), 1-12, 2002
Lead dioxide electrodeposition and its application: influence of fluoride and iron ions
AB Velichenko, DV Girenko, SV Kovalyov, AN Gnatenko, R Amadelli, ...
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Mechanism of lead dioxide electrodeposition
AB Velichenko, DV Girenko, FI Danilov
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Electrodeposition of lead dioxide from methanesulfonate solutions
AB Velichenko, R Amadelli, EV Gruzdeva, TV Luk’Yanenko, FI Danilov
Journal of Power Sources 191 (1), 103-110, 2009
Nanocrystalline hard chromium electrodeposition from trivalent chromium bath containing carbamide and formic acid: structure, composition, electrochemical corrosion behavior …
FI Danilov, VS Protsenko, VO Gordiienko, SC Kwon, JY Lee, M Kim
Applied Surface Science 257 (18), 8048-8053, 2011
Composite PbО2–TiO2 materials deposited from colloidal electrolyte: Electrosynthesis, and physicochemical properties
R Amadelli, L Samiolo, AB Velichenko, VA Knysh, TV Luk’Yanenko, ...
Electrochimica Acta 54 (22), 5239-5245, 2009
Electrodeposition of lead dioxide at an Au electrode
AB Velichenko, DV Girenko, FI Danilov
Electrochimica acta 40 (17), 2803-2807, 1995
Chromium electroplating from trivalent chromium baths as an environmentally friendly alternative to hazardous hexavalent chromium baths: comparative study on advantages and …
VS Protsenko, FI Danilov
Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy 16 (6), 1201-1206, 2014
Kinetics of lead dioxide electrodeposition from nitrate solutions containing colloidal TiO2
AB Velichenko, R Аmadelli, VА Кnysh, ТV Luk’yanenko, FI Danilov
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 632 (1-2), 192-196, 2009
Mechanism of electrodeposition of lead dioxide from nitrate solutions
AB Velichenko, EA Baranova, DV Girenko, R Amadelli, SV Kovalev, ...
Russian journal of electrochemistry 39 (6), 615-621, 2003
Electrodeposition of hard nanocrystalline chrome from aqueous sulfate trivalent chromium bath
VS Protsenko, FI Danilov, VO Gordiienko, SC Kwon, M Kim, JY Lee
Thin Solid Films 520 (1), 380-383, 2011
Unusual" chemical" mechanism of carbon co-deposition in Cr-C alloy electrodeposition process from trivalent chromium bath
VS Protsenko, VO Gordiienko, FI Danilov
Electrochemistry communications 17, 85-87, 2012
Electrocatalytic activity of anodes in reference to Cr (III) oxidation reaction
FI Danilov, AB Velichenko
Electrochimica acta 38 (2-3), 437-440, 1993
Electrocatalytic activity of composite Fe/TiO2 electrodeposits for hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline solutions
FI Danilov, AV Tsurkan, EA Vasil'Eva, VS Protsenko
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 41 (18), 7363-7372, 2016
Nafion effect on the lead dioxide electrodeposition kinetics
AB Velichenko, TV Luk’yanenko, NV Nikolenko, R Amadelli, FI Danilov
Russian Journal of Electrochemistry 43 (1), 118-120, 2007
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