Анатолій Федорчук | Anatolii Fedorchuk
Анатолій Федорчук | Anatolii Fedorchuk
Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies Lviv (Львів)
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Photoelectrical properties and the electronic structure of Tl 1− x In 1− x Sn x Se 2 (x= 0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.25) single crystalline alloys
GE Davydyuk, OY Khyzhun, AH Reshak, H Kamarudin, GL Myronchuk, ...
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Optical Materials 35 (1), 65-73, 2012
Electronic structure of Cu2ZnGeSe4 single crystal: Ab initio FP-LAPW calculations and X-ray spectroscopy measurements
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Second anion coordination for wurtzite and sphalerite chalcogenide derivatives as a tool for the description of anion sub-lattice
AO Fedorchuk, OV Parasyuk, IV Kityk
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Electronic structure of quaternary chalcogenide Ag2In2Ge (Si) S6 single crystals and the influence of replacing Ge by Si: experimental X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and X …
AH Reshak, OY Khyzhun, IV Kityk, AO Fedorchuk, H Kamarudin, S Auluck, ...
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Optical Spectra and Band Structure of AgxGaxGe1–xSe2 (x = 0.333, 0.250, 0.200, 0.167) Single Crystals: Experiment and Theory
AH Reshak, OV Parasyuk, AO Fedorchuk, H Kamarudin, S Auluck, ...
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Influence of electron beam irradiation on nonlinear optical properties of Al doped ZnO thin films for optoelectronic device applications in the cw laser regime
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Isothermal section of the Ag2S–PbS–GeS2 system at 300 K and the crystal structure of Ag2PbGeS4
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AOF IV Kityk A Douayar, M Abd-Lefdil, K Nouneh, P Prieto, R Diaz
Applied Physics B 110 (3), 419-423, 2013
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