Wentao Wang
Wentao Wang
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Strategies for interfacing inorganic nanocrystals with biological systems based on polymer-coating
G Palui, F Aldeek, W Wang, H Mattoussi
Chemical Society Reviews 44 (1), 193-227, 2015
Biomimetic corrugated silicon nanocone arrays for self-cleaning antireflection coatings
Y Wang, N Lu, H Xu, G Shi, M Xu, X Lin, H Li, W Wang, D Qi, Y Lu, L Chi
Nano Research 3 (7), 520-527, 2010
A multifunctional polymer combining the imidazole and zwitterion motifs as a biocompatible compact coating for quantum dots
W Wang, X Ji, A Kapur, C Zhang, H Mattoussi
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (44), 14158-14172, 2015
Photoligation of an amphiphilic polymer with mixed coordination provides compact and reactive quantum dots
W Wang, A Kapur, X Ji, M Safi, G Palui, V Palomo, PE Dawson, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (16), 5438-5451, 2015
Design of a multi-dopamine-modified polymer ligand optimally suited for interfacing magnetic nanoparticles with biological systems
W Wang, X Ji, HB Na, M Safi, A Smith, G Palui, JM Perez, H Mattoussi
Langmuir 30 (21), 6197-6208, 2014
Highly effective and reproducible surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrates based on Ag pyramidal arrays
Y Wang, N Lu, W Wang, L Liu, L Feng, Z Zeng, H Li, W Xu, Z Wu, W Hu, ...
Nano Research 6 (3), 159-166, 2013
Characterization of the ligand capping of hydrophobic CdSe–ZnS quantum dots using NMR spectroscopy
B Zeng, G Palui, C Zhang, N Zhan, W Wang, X Ji, B Chen, H Mattoussi
Chemistry of Materials 30 (1), 225-238, 2018
Multifunctional and high affinity polymer ligand that provides bio-orthogonal coating of quantum dots
W Wang, A Kapur, X Ji, B Zeng, D Mishra, H Mattoussi
Bioconjugate chemistry 27 (9), 2024-2036, 2016
Controlling the spectroscopic properties of quantum dots via energy transfer and charge transfer interactions: Concepts and applications
X Ji, W Wang, H Mattoussi
Nano Today 11 (1), 98-121, 2016
Self-assembled gold nanoparticle–fluorescent protein conjugates as platforms for sensing thiolate compounds via modulation of energy transfer quenching
A Kapur, F Aldeek, X Ji, M Safi, W Wang, A Del Cid, O Steinbock, ...
Bioconjugate chemistry 28 (2), 678-687, 2017
Enhanced colloidal stability of various gold nanostructures using a multicoordinating polymer coating
W Wang, X Ji, L Du, H Mattoussi
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (41), 22901-22913, 2017
Self-assembled monolayer islands masked chemical etching for broad-band antireflective silicon surfaces
WT Wang, N Lu, JY Hao, HB Xu, DP Qi, LF Chi
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (5), 1989-1995, 2010
A versatile coordinating ligand for coating semiconductor, metal, and metal oxide nanocrystals
L Du, W Wang, C Zhang, Z Jin, G Palui, H Mattoussi
Chemistry of Materials 30 (20), 7269-7279, 2018
Langmuir− Blodgett monolayer masked chemical etching: an approach to broadband antireflective surfaces
J Hao, N Lu, H Xu, W Wang, L Gao, L Chi
Chemistry of Materials 21 (9), 1802-1805, 2009
Tuning the Redox Coupling between Quantum Dots and Dopamine in Hybrid Nanoscale Assemblies
X Ji, NS Makarov, W Wang, G Palui, I Robel, H Mattoussi
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (6), 3388-3399, 2015
A multifunctional amphiphilic polymer as a platform for surface-functionalizing metallic and other inorganic nanostructures
W Wang, F Aldeek, X Ji, B Zeng, H Mattoussi
Faraday discussions 175, 137-151, 2015
Effects of separation distance on the charge transfer interactions in quantum dot–dopamine assemblies
X Ji, W Wang, H Mattoussi
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (15), 10108-10117, 2015
Modification of Poly(maleic anhydride)-Based Polymers with H2N–R Nucleophiles: Addition or Substitution Reaction?
Z Jin, L Du, C Zhang, Y Sugiyama, W Wang, G Palui, S Wang, H Mattoussi
Bioconjugate chemistry 30 (3), 871-880, 2019
Elucidating the role of surface coating in the promotion or prevention of protein Corona around quantum dots
W Perng, G Palui, W Wang, H Mattoussi
Bioconjugate chemistry 30 (9), 2469-2480, 2019
Intracellular Delivery of Gold Nanocolloids Promoted by a Chemically Conjugated Anticancer Peptide
A Kapur, SH Medina, W Wang, G Palui, JP Schneider, H Mattoussi
ACS omega 3 (10), 12754-12762, 2018
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