S Odoulov, S. G. Odoulov, Serguey Odoulov, S. Odulov, S. G. Odulov
S Odoulov, S. G. Odoulov, Serguey Odoulov, S. Odulov, S. G. Odulov
Leading researcher, Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences
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Holographic storage in electrooptic crystals. I. Steady state
NV Kukhtarev, VB Markov, SG Odulov, MS Soskin, VL Vinetskii
ferroelectrics 22 (1), 949-960, 1978
Dynamic self-diffraction of coherent light beams
VL Vinetskiĭ, NV Kukhtarev, SG Odulov, MS Soskin
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Transient energy transfer during hologram formation in LiNbO3 in external electric field
N Kukhtarev, V Markov, S Odulov
Optics Communications 23 (3), 338-343, 1977
Light pulse slowing down up to 0.025 cm/s by photorefractive two-wave coupling
E Podivilov, B Sturman, A Shumelyuk, S Odoulov
Physical review letters 91 (8), 083902, 2003
Photorefraction in tin hypothiodiphosphate in the near infrared
SG Odoulov, AN Shumelyuk, U Hellwig, RA Rupp, AA Grabar, IM Stoyka
JOSA B 13 (10), 2352-2360, 1996
Holographic solitons
O Cohen, T Carmon, M Segev, S Odoulov
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Collisions between optical spatial solitons propagating in opposite directions
O Cohen, R Uzdin, T Carmon, JW Fleischer, M Segev, S Odoulov
Physical review letters 89 (13), 133901, 2002
Degenerate stimulated parametric scattering in LiTaO3
S Odoulov, K Belabaev, I Kiseleva
Optics letters 10 (1), 31-33, 1985
Parametric four-wave processes in photorefractive crystals
BI Sturman, SG Odoulov, MY Goulkov
Physics reports 275 (4), 197-254, 1996
Photorefractive recording in BTO in the near infrared
SG Odoulov, KV Shcherbin, AN Shumeljuk
JOSA B 11 (9), 1780-1785, 1994
Spatially oscillating photovoltaic current in iron-doped lithium niobate crystals
SG Odulov
Soviet Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics Letters 35, 10, 1982
Diffraction of coupled waves and determination of phase mismatch between holographic grating and fringe pattern
V Kondilenko, V Markov, S Odulov, M Soskin
Optica Acta: International Journal of Optics 26 (2), 239-251, 1979
Slowing down of light in photorefractive crystals with beam intensity coupling reduced to zero
A Shumelyuk, K Shcherbin, S Odoulov, B Sturman, E Podivilov, K Buse
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Polarization anisotropic light induced scattering in LINBO3:Fe crystals
EM Avakyan, KG Belabaev, SG Odulov
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Dynamic holography and optical image processing
V Markov, S Odulov, M Soskin
Optics Laser Technology 11 (2), 95-99, 1979
Dynamic-grating lasers
SG Odulov, MS Soskin, AI Khizhniak
Akademiia Nauk SSSR Izvestiia Seriia Fizicheskaia 52, 231-238, 1988
Photostimulated change of phase-transition temperature and" giant" optical nonlinearity of liquid crystals
SG Odulov, YA Reznikov, MS Soskin, AI Khizhnyak
Soviet Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics 58 (6), 1154, 1983
Nonlinear scattering in BaTiO3 induced by two orthogonally polarized waves
S Odoulov, B Sturman, L Holtmann, E Krätzig
Applied Physics B 52, 317-322, 1991
Optical Oscillators with Degenerate Four-wave Mixing:(dynamic Grating Lasers)
S Odoulov, MS Soskin, AI Khyžnjak
Harwood, 1991
Beam-coupling, four-wave mixing and optical oscillation due to spatially-oscillating photovoltaic currents in lithium niobate crystals
A Novikov, S Odoulov, O Oleinik, B Sturman
Ferroelectrics 75 (1), 295-315, 1987
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