Michal Skiba
Michal Skiba
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Single scattering albedo of fine mineral dust aerosols controlled by iron concentration
H Moosmüller, JP Engelbrecht, M Skiba, G Frey, RK Chakrabarty, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 117 (D11), 2012
Fragipan horizon degradation and bleached tongues formation in Albeluvisols of the Carpathian Foothills, Poland
W Szymański, M Skiba, S Skiba
Geoderma 167, 340-350, 2011
Clay mineral formation during podzolization in an alpine environment of the Tatra Mountains, Poland
M Skiba
Clays and clay minerals 55 (6), 618-634, 2007
The nature of interlayering in clays from a podzol (Spodosol) from the Tatra Mountains, Poland
M Skiba, M Szczerba, S Skiba, DL Bish, M Grybos
Geoderma 160 (3-4), 425-433, 2011
Clay-mineral formation in soils developed in the weathering zone of pyrite-bearing schists: a case study from the abandoned pyrite mine in Wieściszowice, Lower Silesia, SW Poland
Ł Uzarowicz, S Skiba, M Skiba, B Šegvić
Clays and Clay Minerals 59 (6), 581-594, 2011
Visible light induced photosensitized degradation of Acid Orange 7 in the suspension of bentonite intercalated with perfluoroalkyl perfluoro phthalocyanine zinc complex
D Drozd, K Szczubiałka, Ł Łapok, M Skiba, H Patel, SM Gorun, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 125, 35-40, 2012
Distribution, morphology, and chemical composition of Fe-Mn nodules in Albeluvisols of the Carpathian Foothills, Poland
W Szymański, M Skiba
Pedosphere 23 (4), 445-454, 2013
Mineral composition vs. soil forming processes in loess soils—a case study from Kraków (Southern Poland)
M Drewnik, M Skiba, W Szymański, M Żyła
Catena 119, 166-173, 2014
Origin of reversible cementation and brittleness of the fragipan horizon in Albeluvisols of the Carpathian Foothills, Poland
W Szymański, M Skiba, S Skiba
Catena 99, 66-74, 2012
One-dimensional structure of exfoliated polymer-layered silicate nanocomposites: A polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) case study
M Szczerba, J Środoń, M Skiba, A Derkowski
Applied Clay Science 47 (3-4), 235-241, 2010
Dissolution of anisotropic colloidal mineral particles: evidence for basal surface reactivity of nontronite
M Grybos, LJ Michot, M Skiba, P Billard, C Mustin
Journal of colloid and interface science 343 (2), 433-438, 2010
Genesis and evolution of the fragipan in Albeluvisols in the Precarpathians in Ukraine
VA Nikorych, W Szymański, SM Polchyna, M Skiba
Catena 119, 154-165, 2014
Mineralogy of Fe–Mn nodules in Albeluvisols in the Carpathian Foothills, Poland
W Szymański, M Skiba, A Błachowski
Geoderma 217, 102-110, 2014
Soil properties, micromorphology, and mineralogy of Cryosols from sorted and unsorted patterned grounds in the Hornsund area, SW Spitsbergen
W Szymański, M Skiba, B Wojtuń, M Drewnik
Geoderma 253, 1-11, 2015
Dislocation of the 137Cs and 40K radionuclides in the podsol profiles of the Tatra Mountain soils (South Poland)
B Kubica, M Skiba, S Skiba, J Gołaś, M Kubica, M Stobiński, ...
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 266 (1), 3-9, 2005
Nature and formation of interlayer fillings in clay minerals in Albeluvisols from the Carpathian Foothills, Poland
W Szymański, M Skiba, VA Nikorych, A Kuligiewicz
Geoderma 235, 396-409, 2014
Porphyrin–nanoclay photosensitizers for visible light induced oxidation of phenol in aqueous media
D Drozd, K Szczubiałka, M Skiba, M Kepczynski, M Nowakowska
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (17), 9196-9202, 2014
Weathering of glauconite in soils of temperate climate as exemplified by a Luvisol profile from Góra Puławska, Poland
M Skiba, K Maj-Szeliga, W Szymański, A Błachowski
Geoderma 235, 212-226, 2014
SHRIMP U-Pb zircon chronology of the Polish Western Outer Carpathians source areas
B Budzyń, DJ Dunkley, MA Kusiak, P Poprawa, T Malata, M Skiba, ...
Annales Societatis Geologorum Poloniae 81, 161-171, 2011
Chemical and mineralogical index of podzolisation of the granite regolith soils
M Skiba, S Skiba
Polish Journal of Soil Science 38 (2), 153-161, 2005
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