Francesco Negro
Francesco Negro
Department of Clinical and Experimental Sciences
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Multi-channel intramuscular and surface EMG decomposition by convolutive blind source separation
F Negro, S Muceli, AM Castronovo, A Holobar, D Farina
Journal of neural engineering 13 (2), 026027, 2016
Fluctuations in isometric muscle force can be described by one linear projection of low‐frequency components of motor unit discharge rates
F Negro, A Holobar, D Farina
The Journal of physiology 587 (24), 5925-5938, 2009
Man/machine interface based on the discharge timings of spinal motor neurons after targeted muscle reinnervation
D Farina, I Vujaklija, M Sartori, T Kapelner, F Negro, N Jiang, ...
Nature biomedical engineering 1 (2), 1-12, 2017
Experimental analysis of accuracy in the identification of motor unit spike trains from high-density surface EMG
A Holobar, MA Minetto, A Botter, F Negro, D Farina
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 18 (3 …, 2010
Common synaptic input to motor neurons, motor unit synchronization, and force control
D Farina, F Negro
Exercise and sport sciences reviews 43 (1), 23-33, 2015
The increase in muscle force after 4 weeks of strength training is mediated by adaptations in motor unit recruitment and rate coding
A Del Vecchio, A Casolo, F Negro, M Scorcelletti, I Bazzucchi, R Enoka, ...
The Journal of physiology 597 (7), 1873-1887, 2019
Spatial correlation of high density EMG signals provides features robust to electrode number and shift in pattern recognition for myocontrol
A Stango, F Negro, D Farina
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 23 (2 …, 2014
You are as fast as your motor neurons: speed of recruitment and maximal discharge of motor neurons determine the maximal rate of force development in humans
A Del Vecchio, F Negro, A Holobar, A Casolo, JP Folland, F Felici, ...
The Journal of physiology 597 (9), 2445-2456, 2019
Principles of motor unit physiology evolve with advances in technology
D Farina, F Negro, S Muceli, RM Enoka
Physiology 31 (2), 83-94, 2016
Motor unit recruitment strategies and muscle properties determine the influence of synaptic noise on force steadiness
JL Dideriksen, F Negro, RM Enoka, D Farina
Journal of neurophysiology 107 (12), 3357-3369, 2012
The effective neural drive to muscles is the common synaptic input to motor neurons
D Farina, F Negro, JL Dideriksen
The Journal of physiology 592 (16), 3427-3441, 2014
Detecting the unique representation of motor-unit action potentials in the surface electromyogram
D Farina, F Negro, M Gazzoni, RM Enoka
Journal of neurophysiology 100 (3), 1223-1233, 2008
Linear transmission of cortical oscillations to the neural drive to muscles is mediated by common projections to populations of motoneurons in humans
F Negro, D Farina
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Accessing the neural drive to muscle and translation to neurorehabilitation technologies
D Farina, F Negro
IEEE Reviews in biomedical engineering 5, 3-14, 2012
Associations between motor unit action potential parameters and surface EMG features
A Del Vecchio, F Negro, F Felici, D Farina
Journal of Applied Physiology 123 (4), 835-843, 2017
Tracking motor units longitudinally across experimental sessions with high‐density surface electromyography
E Martinez‐Valdes, F Negro, CM Laine, D Falla, F Mayer, D Farina
The Journal of physiology 595 (5), 1479-1496, 2017
Identification of common synaptic inputs to motor neurons from the rectified electromyogram
D Farina, F Negro, N Jiang
The Journal of physiology 591 (10), 2403-2418, 2013
Surface electromyographic amplitude does not identify differences in neural drive to synergistic muscles
E Martinez-Valdes, F Negro, D Falla, AM De Nunzio, D Farina
Journal of Applied Physiology 124 (4), 1071-1079, 2018
Robust and accurate decoding of motoneuron behavior and prediction of the resulting force output
CK Thompson*, F Negro*, MD Johnson, MR Holmes, LM McPherson, ...
The Journal of physiology, 2018
Factors influencing the estimates of correlation between motor unit activities in humans
F Negro, D Farina
Public Library of Science 7 (9), e44894, 2012
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