Doga Kavaz
Doga Kavaz
Bio engineering Department, Cyprus International University
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Biosynthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles using Albizia lebbeck stem bark, and evaluation of its antimicrobial, antioxidant, and cytotoxic activities on human breast cancer cell …
H Umar, D Kavaz, N Rizaner
International journal of nanomedicine 14, 87, 2019
Emerging technologies for assembly of microscale hydrogels
UA Gurkan, S Tasoglu, D Kavaz, MC Demirel, U Demirci
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Paramagnetic levitational assembly of hydrogels
S Tasoglu, D Kavaz, UA Gurkan, S Guven, P Chen, R Zheng, U Demirci
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D Kavaz, S Odabaş, E Güven, M Demirbilek, EB Denkbaş
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Release of magnetic nanoparticles from cell-encapsulating biodegradable nanobiomaterials
F Xu, F Inci, O Mullick, UA Gurkan, Y Sung, D Kavaz, B Li, EB Denkbas, ...
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An experimental investigation into the effect of particle mixture ratio on specific heat capacity and dynamic viscosity of Al2O3-ZnO hybrid nanofluids
I Wole-Osho, EC Okonkwo, D Kavaz, S Abbasoglu
Powder Technology 363, 699-716, 2020
Thermal performance analysis of a parabolic trough collector using water-based green-synthesized nanofluids
EC Okonkwo, EA Essien, M Abid, D Kavaz, TAH Ratlamwala
Solar Energy 170, 658-670, 2018
Preparation and characterization of magnetically responsive bacterial polyester based nanospheres for cancer therapy
E Erdal, D Kavaz, M Şam, M Demirbilek, ME Demirbilek, N Sağlam, ...
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Thermodynamic evaluation and optimization of a flat plate collector operating with alumina and iron mono and hybrid nanofluids
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Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 37, 100636, 2020
Physiochemical characterization, antioxidative, anticancer cells proliferation and food pathogens antibacterial activity of chitosan nanoparticles loaded with Cyperus …
D Kavaz, M Idris, C Onyebuchi
International journal of biological macromolecules 123, 837-845, 2019
Comparison of experimental and theoretical methods of obtaining the thermal properties of alumina/iron mono and hybrid nanofluids
EC Okonkwo, I Wole-Osho, D Kavaz, M Abid
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Synthesis, characterization and anticorrosion property of olive leaves extract-titanium nanoparticles composite
EA Essien, D Kavaz, EB Ituen, SA Umoren
Journal of adhesion science and technology 32 (16), 1773-1794, 2018
Chitosan and N, N, N-Trimethyl chitosan nanoparticle encapsulation of Ocimum gratissimum essential oil: Optimised synthesis, in vitro release and bioactivity
C Onyebuchi, D Kavaz
International journal of nanomedicine 14, 7707, 2019
An intelligent approach to predicting the effect of nanoparticle mixture ratio, concentration and temperature on thermal conductivity of hybrid nanofluids
I Wole-Osho, EC Okonkwo, H Adun, D Kavaz, S Abbasoglu
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 144 (3), 671-688, 2021
A practical methodology for IgG purification via chitosan based magnetic nanoparticles
D Kavaz, S Odabas, EB Denkbas, A Vaseashta
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Hydrogels in regenerative medicine
N Hasirci, C Kilic, A Kömez, G Bahcecioglu, V Hasirci
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Comparison of protein-and polysaccharide-based nanoparticles for cancer therapy: synthesis, characterization, drug release, and interaction with a breast cancer cell line
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Olive leaves extract mediated zero-valent iron nanoparticles: synthesis, characterization, and assessment as adsorbent for nickel (II) ions in aqueous medium
EA Essien, D Kavaz, MM Solomon
Chemical Engineering Communications 205 (11), 1568-1582, 2018
Synthesizing Nano Silica Nanoparticles from Barley Grain Waste: Effect of Temperature on Mechanical Properties.
D Kavaz, A Vaseashta
Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 28 (4), 2019
Olive leaf-synthesized nanofluids for solar parabolic trough collector—thermal performance evaluation
EC Okonkwo, EA Essien, D Kavaz, M Abid, TAH Ratlamwala
Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications 11 (4), 2019
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