Konstantin Guslienko
Konstantin Guslienko
Ikerbasque Research professor, University of the Basque Country
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Eigenfrequencies of vortex state excitations in magnetic submicron-size disks
KY Guslienko, BA Ivanov, V Novosad, Y Otani, H Shima, K Fukamichi
Journal of Applied Physics 91 (10), 8037-8039, 2002
Spin wave wells in nonellipsoidal micrometer size magnetic elements
J Jorzick, SO Demokritov, B Hillebrands, M Bailleul, C Fermon, ...
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KY Guslienko, V Novosad, Y Otani, H Shima, K Fukamichi
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KY Guslienko, SO Demokritov, B Hillebrands, AN Slavin
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V Novosad, FY Fradin, PE Roy, KS Buchanan, KY Guslienko, SD Bader
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Magnetic vortex core dynamics in cylindrical ferromagnetic dots
KY Guslienko, XF Han, DJ Keavney, R Divan, SD Bader
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Temperature-dependent magnetic properties of FePt: Effective spin Hamiltonian model
ON Mryasov, U Nowak, KY Guslienko, RW Chantrell
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Dynamic origin of vortex core switching in soft magnetic nanodots
KY Guslienko, KS Lee, SK Kim
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Field evolution of magnetic vortex state in ferromagnetic disks
KY Guslienko, V Novosad, Y Otani, H Shima, K Fukamichi
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V Novosad, M Grimsditch, KY Guslienko, P Vavassori, Y Otani, SD Bader
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Magnetic vortex state stability, reversal and dynamics in restricted geometries
KY Guslienko
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 8 (6), 2745-2760, 2008
Soliton-pair dynamics in patterned ferromagnetic ellipses
KS Buchanan, PE Roy, M Grimsditch, FY Fradin, KY Guslienko, SD Bader, ...
Nature Physics 1 (3), 172-176, 2005
Strong radiation of spin waves by core reversal of a magnetic vortex and their wave behaviors in magnetic nanowire waveguides
S Choi, KS Lee, KY Guslienko, SK Kim
Physical Review Letters 98 (8), 087205, 2007
Spin-wave excitations in finite rectangular elements of
C Bayer, J Jorzick, B Hillebrands, SO Demokritov, R Kouba, R Bozinoski, ...
Physical Review B 72 (6), 064427, 2005
Boundary conditions for magnetization in magnetic nanoelements
KY Guslienko, AN Slavin
Physical Review B 72 (1), 014463, 2005
Effect of interdot magnetostatic interaction on magnetization reversal in circular dot arrays
V Novosad, KY Guslienko, H Shima, Y Otani, SG Kim, K Fukamichi, ...
Physical Review B 65 (6), 060402, 2002
Stability of magnetic vortex in soft magnetic nano-sized circular cylinder
KL Metlov, KY Guslienko
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 242, 1015-1017, 2002
Dynamic transformations of the internal structure of a moving domain wall in magnetic nanostripes
JY Lee, KS Lee, S Choi, KY Guslienko, SK Kim
Physical Review B 76 (18), 184408, 2007
Vortex-state oscillations in soft magnetic cylindrical dots
KY Guslienko, W Scholz, RW Chantrell, V Novosad
Physical Review B 71 (14), 144407, 2005
Dipolar localization of quantized spin-wave modes in thin rectangular magnetic elements
KY Guslienko, RW Chantrell, AN Slavin
Physical Review B 68 (2), 024422, 2003
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