Zakhar R. Kudrynskyi
Zakhar R. Kudrynskyi
Research Fellow, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nottingham
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High electron mobility, quantum Hall effect and anomalous optical response in atomically thin InSe
DA Bandurin, AV Tyurnina, LY Geliang, A Mishchenko, V Zólyomi, ...
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, L. Eaves, IV Grigorieva, VI Fal’ko, AK Geim and Y. Cao
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2D Materials 5 (3), 035026, 2018
Giant Quantum Hall Plateau in Graphene Coupled to an InSe van der Waals Crystal
ZR Kudrynskyi, MA Bhuiyan, O Makarovsky, JDG Greener, EE Vdovin, ...
Physical review letters 119 (15), 157701, 2017
Magnetic properties and surface morphology of layered In2Se3 crystals intercalated with cobalt
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Morphology of nanostructures formed on the van der Waals surface of GaSe layered crystals annealed in sulfur vapor
AP Bakhtinov, ZR Kudrynskyi, OS Litvin
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Fabrication and characterization of photosensitive n-CdO/p-InSe heterojunctions
ZR Kudrynskyi, ZD Kovalyuk, VM Katerynchuk, VV Khomyak, IG Orletsky, ...
Acta Phys. Pol. A 124, 720, 2013
Highly-mismatched InAs/InSe heterojunction diodes
AV Velichko, ZR Kudrynskyi, DM Di Paola, O Makarovsky, M Kesaria, ...
Applied Physics Letters 109 (18), 182115, 2016
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