Pascal O. Zinn
Pascal O. Zinn
Assistant Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
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MR imaging predictors of molecular profile and survival: multi-institutional study of the TCGA glioblastoma data set
DA Gutman, LAD Cooper, SN Hwang, CA Holder, JJ Gao, TD Aurora, ...
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Radiogenomic mapping of edema/cellular invasion MRI-phenotypes in glioblastoma multiforme
PO Zinn, B Majadan, P Sathyan, SK Singh, S Majumder, FA Jolesz, ...
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A comparison of wild-caught wood mice and bank voles in the Intellicage: assessing exploration, daily activity patterns and place learning paradigms
MJ Galsworthy, I Amrein, PA Kuptsov, II Poletaeva, P Zinn, A Rau, ...
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WIF1 re-expression in glioblastoma inhibits migration through attenuation of non-canonical WNT signaling by downregulating the lncRNA MALAT1
I Vassallo, P Zinn, M Lai, P Rajakannu, MF Hamou, ME Hegi
Oncogene 35 (1), 12-21, 2016
Addition of MR imaging features and genetic biomarkers strengthens glioblastoma survival prediction in TCGA patients
M Nicolasjilwan, Y Hu, C Yan, D Meerzaman, CA Holder, D Gutman, ...
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miR-218 opposes a critical RTK-HIF pathway in mesenchymal glioblastoma
LK Mathew, N Skuli, V Mucaj, SS Lee, PO Zinn, P Sathyan, HZ Imtiyaz, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (1), 291-296, 2014
A novel volume-age-KPS (VAK) glioblastoma classification identifies a prognostic cognate microRNA-gene signature
PO Zinn, P Sathyan, B Mahajan, J Bruyere, M Hegi, S Majumder, ...
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Targeting EGFR induced oxidative stress by PARP1 inhibition in glioblastoma therapy
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Glioblastoma: imaging genomic mapping reveals sex-specific oncogenic associations of cell death
RR Colen, J Wang, SK Singh, DA Gutman, PO Zinn
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Imaging genomic mapping of an invasive MRI phenotype predicts patient outcome and metabolic dysfunction: a TCGA glioma phenotype research group project
RR Colen, M Vangel, J Wang, DA Gutman, SN Hwang, M Wintermark, ...
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Extent of resection and radiotherapy in GBM: A 1973 to 2007 surveillance, epidemiology and end results analysis of 21,783 patients
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Radiomics in brain tumors: an emerging technique for characterization of tumor environment
A Kotrotsou, PO Zinn, RR Colen
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REST regulates oncogenic properties of glioblastoma stem cells
MM Kamal, P Sathyan, SK Singh, PO Zinn, AL Marisetty, S Liang, J Gumin, ...
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Multicenter study demonstrates radiomic features derived from magnetic resonance perfusion images identify pseudoprogression in glioblastoma
N Elshafeey, A Kotrotsou, A Hassan, N Elshafei, I Hassan, S Ahmed, ...
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Learning MRI-based classification models for MGMT methylation status prediction in glioblastoma
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Neurosurgical applications of MRI guided laser interstitial thermal therapy (LITT)
U Salem, VA Kumar, JE Madewell, DF Schomer, DC de Almeida Bastos, ...
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A coclinical radiogenomic validation study: conserved magnetic resonance radiomic appearance of periostin-expressing glioblastoma in patients and xenograft models
PO Zinn, SK Singh, A Kotrotsou, I Hassan, G Thomas, MM Luedi, ...
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Imaging genomics of Glioblastoma: state of the art bridge between genomics and neuroradiology
MG ElBanan, AM Amer, PO Zinn, RR Colen
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Post-transcriptional regulation of O 6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase MGMT in glioblastomas
V Ramakrishnan, D Kushwaha, DC Koay, H Reddy, Y Mao, L Zhou, K Ng, ...
Cancer Biomarkers 10 (3-4), 185-193, 2012
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