Vasyl Ryukhtin
Vasyl Ryukhtin
Nuclear Physics Institute
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New feasibilities for characterizing rough surfaces by optical-correlation techniques
OV Angelsky, PP Maksimyak, VV Ryukhtin, SG Hanson
Applied Optics 40 (31), 5693-5707, 2001
Merging high doxorubicin loading with pronounced magnetic response and bio‐repellent properties in hybrid drug nanocarriers
A Bakandritsos, A Papagiannopoulos, EN Anagnostou, K Avgoustakis, ...
Small 8 (15), 2381-2393, 2012
In situ small-angle neutron scattering study of La2Zr2O7 and SrZrO3 ceramics for thermal barrier coatings
P Strunz, G Schumacher, R Vaßen, A Wiedenmann, V Ryukhtin
Scripta materialia 55 (6), 545-548, 2006
Studies of self-organization processes in nanoporous alumina membranes by small-angle neutron scattering
I Turkevych, V Ryukhtin, V Garamus, S Kato, T Takamasu, G Kido, ...
Nanotechnology 23 (32), 325606, 2012
Correlation of thermal conductivity changes with anisotropic nano-pores of EB-PVD deposited FYSZ-coatings
B Saruhan, V Ryukhtin, K Kelm
Surface and Coatings Technology 205 (23-24), 5369-5378, 2011
Influence of multiple small-angle neutron scattering on diffraction peak broadening in ferritic steel
W Woo, V Em, E Shin, P Mikula, V Ryukhtin
Journal of Applied Crystallography 48 (2), 350-356, 2015
Comparative study of porosity in 3Y-TZP superplastic ceramics by ultra-small-angle neutron scattering and scanning electron microscopy image analysis
V Ryukhtin, J Šaroun, S Harjo, Y Motohashi, M Baron, R Loidl
Journal of applied crystallography 36 (3), 478-483, 2003
Neutron diffraction studies of functionally graded alumina/zirconia ceramics
P Lukáš, M Vrána, J Šaroun, V Ryukhtin, J Vleugels, G Anné, ...
Materials Science Forum 492, 201-206, 2005
USANS investigations of solutions of diblock copolymers in partially miscible solvents
V Ryukhtin, P Šte, K Pranzas, D Bellmann
Physica B: Condensed Matter 385, 762-765, 2006
SANS investigations of pore anisotropy in superplastically deformed ceramics
V Ryukhtin, J Šaroun, S Harjo, Y Motohashi, A Wiedenmann, P Strunz
Physica B: Condensed Matter 350 (1-3), E1019-E1022, 2004
BEER-The Beamline for European Materials Engineering Research at the ESS
J Fenske, M Rouijaa, J Šaroun, R Kampmann, P Staron, G Nowak, J Pilch, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 746 (1), 012009, 2016
Structural characterization of nanoparticles formed by fluorinated poly (2-oxazoline)-based polyphiles
A Riabtseva, LI Kaberov, L Noirez, V Ryukhtin, C Nardin, B Verbraeken, ...
European Polymer Journal 99, 518-527, 2018
Internal structure of magnetic porous glasses and the related ferroelectric nanocomposites
AA Naberezhnov, V Ryukhtin, AA Sysoeva
Physics of the Solid State 59 (2), 378-384, 2017
Analysis of Anisotropic Void System in Electron‐Beam Physical‐Vapour‐Deposited (EB‐PVD) Thermal‐Barrier Coatings
B Saruhan, R Ochrombel, V Ryukhtin, A Wiedenmann
Advanced Engineering Materials 11 (6), 488-494, 2009
Cavitation behaviors in a tetragonal zirconia polycrystal subjected to superplastic deformations measured by SANS method
S Harjo, Y Motohashi, J Šaroun, V Ryukhtin, P Strunz, M Baron, R Loidl
Materials Science Forum 447, 67-72, 2004
Direct comparison of SANS data with SEM image analysis
V Ryukhtin, J Šaroun
Applied Physics A 74 (1), s1158-s1160, 2002
Sol-Gel Transition in Nanodiamond Aqueous Dispersions by Small-Angle Scattering
OV Tomchuk, MV Avdeev, AE Aleksenskii, AY Vul, OI Ivankov, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2019
Study of structure of naturally aged aluminium after twist channel angular pressing
L Kunčická, R Kocich, V Ryukhtin, JCT Cullen, NP Lavery
Materials Characterization 152, 94-100, 2019
Study of tetraethoxysilane clusters in basic ethanol/water solutions by sans contrast variation
OV Tomchuk, MV Avdeev, LA Bulavin, VV Ryukhtin, OI Ivankov, ...
Romanian Journal of Physics 63 (7-8), 906, 2018
Upgrade of detectors of neutron instruments at Neutron Physics Laboratory in Řež
EI Litvinenko, V Ryukhtin, AA Bogdzel, AV Churakov, G Farkas, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2017
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