Gabriel Corkidi
Gabriel Corkidi
Image and Computer Vision Laboratory, Instituto de Biotecnología, UNAM
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Biochemical characterization of rotavirus receptors in MA104 cells
CA Guerrero, S Zárate, G Corkidi, S López, CF Arias
Journal of virology 74 (20), 9362-9371, 2000
A no hydrotropic responseRoot Mutant that Responds Positively to Gravitropism in Arabidopsis,
D Eapen, ML Barroso, ME Campos, G Ponce, G Corkidi, JG Dubrovsky, ...
Plant physiology 131 (2), 536-546, 2003
Tracking sperm in three-dimensions
G Corkidi, B Taboada, CD Wood, A Guerrero, A Darszon
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 373 (1), 125-129, 2008
COVASIAM: an image analysis method that allows detection of confluent microbial colonies and colonies of various sizes for automated counting
G Corkidi, R Diaz-Uribe, JL Folch-Mallol, J Nieto-Sotelo
Applied and environmental microbiology 64 (4), 1400-1404, 1998
Effects of prenatal malnutrition and postnatal nutritional rehabilitation on CA3 hippocampal pyramidal cells in rats of four ages
S Díaz-Cintra, M García-Ruiz, G Corkidi, L Cintra
Brain research 662 (1-2), 117-126, 1994
Differential responses of thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) neurons to cold exposure or suckling indicate functional heterogeneity of the TRH system in the paraventricular …
E Sanchez, RM Uribe, G Corkidi, RT Zoeller, M Cisneros, M Zacarias, ...
Neuroendocrinology 74 (6), 407-422, 2001
Effect of protein malnutrition on CA3 hippocampal pyramidal cells in rats of three ages
M García-Ruiz, S Díaz-Cintra, L Cintra, G Corkidi
Brain research 625 (2), 203-212, 1993
Assessing mango anthracnose using a new three‐dimensional image‐analysis technique to quantify lesions on fruit
G Corkidi, KA Balderas‐Ruíz, B Taboada, L Serrano‐Carreón, E Galindo
Plant Pathology 55 (2), 250-257, 2006
Development of advanced image analysis techniques for the in situ characterization of multiphase dispersions occurring in bioreactors
E Galindo, CP Larralde-Corona, T Brito, MS Córdova-Aguilar, B Taboada, ...
Journal of biotechnology 116 (3), 261-270, 2005
Strategies for locating the female gamete: the importance of measuring sperm trajectories in three spatial dimensions
A Guerrero, J Carneiro, A Pimentel, CD Wood, G Corkidi, A Darszon
MHR: Basic science of reproductive medicine 17 (8), 511-523, 2011
6‐pentyl‐α‐pyrone production by Trichoderma harzianum: The influence of energy dissipation rate and its implications on fungal physiology
JA Rocha‐Valadez, M Hassan, G Corkidi, C Flores, E Galindo, ...
Biotechnology and bioengineering 91 (1), 54-61, 2005
Comparison between low frequency magnetic field stimulation and nerve growth factor treatment of cultured chromaffin cells, on neurite growth, noradrenaline release, excitable …
R Drucker-Colı́n, L Verdugo-Dı́az, M Méndez, J Carrillo-Ruiz, ...
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 5 (6), 485-498, 1994
Semi-automatic image analysis methodology for the segmentation of bubbles and drops in complex dispersions occurring in bioreactors
B Taboada, L Vega-Alvarado, MS Cordova-Aguilar, E Galindo, G Corkidi
Experiments in fluids 41 (3), 383-392, 2006
Oil and air dispersion in a simulated fermentation broth as a function of mycelial morphology
S Lucatero, C Patricia Larralde‐Corona, G Corkidi, E Galindo
Biotechnology progress 19 (2), 285-292, 2003
Accurate and rapid viability assessment of Trichoderma harzianum using fluorescence‐based digital image analysis
M Hassan, G Corkidi, E Galindo, C Flores, L Serrano‐Carreón
Biotechnology and bioengineering 80 (6), 677-684, 2002
Automatic identification of metaphase spreads and nuclei using neural networks
FA Cosío, L Vega, AH Becerra, RP Meléndez, G Corkidi
Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 39 (3), 391-396, 2001
Roughness feature of metaphase chromosome spreads and nuclei for automated cell proliferation analysis
G Corkidi, L Vega, J Márquez, E Rojas, P Ostrosky-Wegman
Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 36 (6), 679-685, 1998
Hydrodynamics, fungal physiology, and morphology
L Serrano-Carreón, E Galindo, JA Rocha-Valadéz, A Holguín-Salas, ...
Filaments in bioprocesses, 55-90, 2015
Expression of the proprotein convertases PC1 and PC2 mRNAs in thyrotropin releasing hormone neurons of the rat paraventricular nucleus of hypothalamus
E Sanchez, JL Charli, C Morales, G Corkidi, NG Seidah, P Joseph-Bravo, ...
Brain research 761 (1), 77-86, 1997
Images acquisition of multiphase dispersions in fermentation processes
B Taboada, P Larralde, T Brito, L Vega-Alvarado, R Díaz, E Galindo, ...
Journal of applied research and technology 1 (1), 78-84, 2003
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