Joël Floris
Joël Floris
Department of History and Institute of Evolutionary Medicine, University of Zurich
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Temporal trends, regional variation and socio-economic differences in height, BMI and body proportions among German conscripts, 1956–2010
A Lehmann, J Floris, U Woitek, FJ Rühli, K Staub
Public health nutrition 20 (3), 391-403, 2017
From Undernutrition to Overnutrition: The Evolution of Overweight and Obesity among Young Men in Switzerland since the 19th Century
K Staub, N Bender, J Floris, C Pfister, FJ Rühli
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Ladies first: Female and male adult height in Switzerland, 1770–1930
N Koepke, J Floris, C Pfister, FJ Rühli, K Staub
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Associations between anthropometric indices, blood pressure and physical fitness performance in young Swiss men: a cross-sectional study
K Staub, J Floris, N Koepke, A Trapp, A Nacht, SS Maurer, FJ Rühli, ...
BMJ open 8 (6), e018664, 2018
From left-skewness to symmetry: how body-height distribution among Swiss conscripts has changed shape since the late 19th century
K Staub, J Floris, U Woitek, F Rühli
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Water, sanitation and mortality in Swiss towns in the context of urban renewal in the late nineteenth century
J Floris, K Staub
The History of the Family 24 (2), 249-276, 2019
Public health interventions, epidemic growth, and regional variation of the 1918 influenza pandemic outbreak in a Swiss canton and its greater regions
K Staub, P Jüni, M Urner, KL Matthes, C Leuch, G Gemperle, N Bender, ...
Annals of internal medicine 174 (4), 533-539, 2021
The Benefits of Intervention: Birth Weights in Basle 1912-1920
J Floris, K Staub, U Woitek
Working paper series NO 236, Department of Economics, University of Zurich, 2016
Have Swiss adult males and females stopped growing taller? Evidence from the population-based nutrition survey menuCH, 2014/2015
L Vinci, J Floris, N Koepke, KL Matthes, M Bochud, N Bender, ...
Economics & Human Biology 33, 201-210, 2019
Impact of World War 1 on placenta weight, birth weight and other anthropometric parameters of neonatal health
C Butie, KL Matthes, I Hösli, J Floris, K Staub
Placenta 100, 150-158, 2020
Wealthier–older–taller: measuring the standard of living in Switzerland since the 19th century
J Floris, F Höpflinger, C Stohr, R Studer, K Staub
Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Geschichte (Revue suisse d'histoire) 69 (2 …, 2019
Waist Circumference und Waist-to-Height-Ratio bei Schweizer Stellungspflichtigen 2016
N Koepke, J Floris, N Bender, FJ Rühli, K Staub
Bericht zuhanden des Bundesamtes für Gesundheit, 2017
Der Body-Mass-Index der Schweizer Stellungspflichtigen 2015
J Floris, N Koepke, N Bender, F Rühli, K Staub
Bericht zuhanden des Bundesamtes für Gesundheit, 2017
The “Pandemic Gap” in Switzerland across the 20th century and the necessity of increased science communication of past pandemic experiences
K Staub, F Rühli, J Floris
Open Editorial in Swiss Medical Weekly, 2020
Spatial Association of Food Sales in Supermarkets with the Mean BMI of Young Men: An Ecological Study
S Güsewell, J Floris, C Berlin, M Zwahlen, F Rühli, N Bender, K Staub
Nutrients 11 (3), 579, 2019
Changes in mortality in Switzerland, 1880–1910
J Floris, K Staub, C Stohr, U Woitek
Schweizerisches Jahrbuch für Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte 33, 69-91, 2019
Intergenerational mobility in the 19th century: micro-level evidence from the city of Zurich
G Favre, J Floris, U Woitek
University of Zurich, Department of Economics, Working Paper, 2018
Körpergrösse, Body-Mass-Index und Geburtsgewichte: Lebensstandard und Anthropometrie in Zürich und Basel 1904-1951
J Floris
E-Dissertation, Historisches Seminar, Universität Zürich, 2016
Investigating survivorship bias: The case of the 1918 flu pandemic
J Floris, L Kaiser, H Mayr, K Staub, U Woitek
Working Paper, 2021
Down memory lane: Unprecedented strong public and scientific interest in the" Spanish flu" 1918/1919 during the COVID-19 pandemic
K Staub, J Floris
Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses, Epub ahead of print, 2020
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