Bohdan Rusyn
Bohdan Rusyn
зав. віділом,д.т.н.,професор Фізико-механічний інститут НАН України
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Model and architecture for virtual library information system
B Rusyn, V Vysotska, L Pohreliuk
2018 IEEE 13th International Scientific and Technical Conference on Computer …, 2018
Computer analysis of characteristic elements of fractographic images
RY Kosarevych, OZ Student, LM Svirs’Ka, BP Rusyn, HM Nykyforchyn
Materials Science 48 (4), 474-481, 2013
The virtual library system design and development
B Rusyn, V Lytvyn, V Vysotska, M Emmerich, L Pohreliuk
Conference on Computer Science and Information Technologies, 328-349, 2018
Web Resource Changes Monitoring System Development.
L Chyrun, Y Burov, B Rusyn, L Pohreliuk, O Oleshek, A Gozhyj, I Bobyk
MoMLeT, 255-273, 2019
The mobile application development based on online music library for socializing in the world of bard songs and scouts’ bonfires
B Rusyn, L Pohreliuk, A Rzheuskyi, R Kubik, Y Ryshkovets, L Chyrun, ...
Conference on Computer Science and Information Technologies, 734-756, 2019
Application of the cellular automata for obtaining pitting images during simulation process of their growth
B Rusyn, R Tors’ka, M Kobasyar
Man-Machine Interactions 3, 299-306, 2014
Choosing the Method of Finding Similar Images in the Reverse Search System.
O Veres, B Rusyn, A Sachenko, I Rishnyak
COLINS, 99-107, 2018
Method of similar textual content selection based on thematic information retrieval
V Vysotska, V Lytvyn, V Kovalchuk, S Kubinska, M Dilai, L Chyrun, ...
2019 IEEE 14th International Conference on Computer Sciences and Information …, 2019
Textual Content Categorizing Technology Development Based on Ontology.
V Lytvyn, V Vysotska, B Rusyn, L Pohreliuk, P Berezin, O Naum
MoMLeT, 234-254, 2019
Image segmentation based on the evaluation of the tendency of image elements to form clusters with the help of point field characteristics
RJ Kosarevych, BP Rusyn, VV Korniy, TI Kerod
Cybernetics and Systems Analysis 51 (5), 704-713, 2015
Identifying textual content based on thematic analysis of similar texts in big data
V Lytvyn, V Vysotska, I Peleshchak, T Basyuk, V Kovalchuk, S Kubinska, ...
2019 IEEE 14th International Conference on Computer Sciences and Information …, 2019
Study of low-emission multi-component cements with a high content of supplementary cementitious materials
H Ivashchyshyn, М Sanytsky, T Kropyvnytska, B Rusyn
Восточно-Европейский журнал передовых технологий, 39-47, 2019
Nondestructive testing of the state of surfaces damaged by corrosion pitting
BP Rusyn, NP Anufrieva, NR Hrabovs’ka, VH Ivanyuk
Materials Science 49 (4), 516-524, 2014
Modeling of the evolution of corrosion pitting with the use of cellular automata
BP Rusyn, RV Tors’Ka, AY Pokhmurs’kyi
Materials Science 50 (5), 706-713, 2015
Segmentation of atmospheric clouds images obtained by remote sensing
B Rusyn, R Kosarevych, O Lutsyk, V Korniy
2018 14th International Conference on Advanced Trends in Radioelecrtronics …, 2018
A quantitative analysis of structural changes in a steel due to high-temperature holding in hydrogen.
O Student, B Rusyn, B Kysil, M Kobasiar, T Stakhiv, A Markov
Fiziko-Khimicheskaya Mekhanika Materialov 39 (1), 22-29, 2003
Quantitative analysis of structural changes in steel caused by high-temperature holding in hydrogen
OZ Student, BP Rusyn, BV Kysil, MI Kobasyar, TP Stakhiv, AD Markov
Materials Science 39 (1), 17-24, 2003
Innovative vocational didactics aimed at the preparation of staff according to industry 4.0 and Europe 2020
D Kowalik, B Rusyn
DEStech Transactions on Social Science, Education and Human Science, 2017
Upper-bound estimates for classifiers based on a dissimilarity function
BP Rusyn, VA Tayanov, OA Lutsyka
Cybernetics and Systems Analysis 48 (4), 592-600, 2012
Commercial Content Distribution System Based on Neural Network and Machine Learning.
A Demchuk, B Rusyn, L Pohreliuk, A Gozhyj, I Kalinina, L Chyrun, ...
ICTES, 40-57, 2019
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