Lei Wang
Lei Wang
hormel institute, University of Minnesota
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Hexokinase 2-mediated Warburg effect is required for PTEN-and p53-deficiency-driven prostate cancer growth
L Wang, H Xiong, F Wu, Y Zhang, J Wang, L Zhao, X Guo, LJ Chang, ...
Cell reports 8 (5), 1461-1474, 2014
Methyl-selenium compounds inhibit prostate carcinogenesis in the transgenic adenocarcinoma of mouse prostate model with survival benefit
L Wang, MJL Bonorden, G Li, HJ Lee, H Hu, Y Zhang, JD Liao, MP Cleary, ...
Cancer prevention research 2 (5), 484-495, 2009
Penta-1, 2, 3, 4, 6-O-galloyl-β-d-glucose induces p53 and inhibits STAT3 in prostate cancer cells in vitro and suppresses prostate xenograft tumor growth in vivo
H Hu, HJ Lee, C Jiang, J Zhang, L Wang, Y Zhao, Q Xiang, EO Lee, ...
Molecular cancer therapeutics 7 (9), 2681-2691, 2008
Methylseleninic acid enhances taxane drug efficacy against human prostate cancer and down-regulates antiapoptotic proteins Bcl-XL and survivin
H Hu, G Li, L Wang, J Watts, GF Combs, J Lü
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Pentagalloylglucose induces autophagy and caspase-independent programmed deaths in human PC-3 and mouse TRAMP-C2 prostate cancer cells
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Molecular cancer therapeutics 8 (10), 2833-2843, 2009
Inhibition of glycolytic enzyme hexokinase II (HK2) suppresses lung tumor growth
H Wang, L Wang, Y Zhang, J Wang, Y Deng, D Lin
Cancer cell international 16 (1), 1-11, 2016
Preparation of penta-O-galloyl-β-d-glucose from tannic acid and plasma pharmacokinetic analyses by liquid–liquid extraction and reverse-phase HPLC
L Li, AA Shaik, J Zhang, K Nhkata, L Wang, Y Zhang, C Xing, SH Kim, ...
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Aspirin prevents colorectal cancer by normalizing EGFR expression
H Li, F Zhu, LA Boardman, L Wang, N Oi, K Liu, X Li, Y Fu, PJ Limburg, ...
EBioMedicine 2 (5), 447-455, 2015
Co-targeting hexokinase 2-mediated Warburg effect and ULK1-dependent autophagy suppresses tumor growth of PTEN-and TP53-deficiency-driven castration-resistant prostate cancer
L Wang, J Wang, H Xiong, F Wu, T Lan, Y Zhang, X Guo, H Wang, ...
EBioMedicine 7, 50-61, 2016
BMI1 polycomb group protein acts as a master switch for growth and death of tumor cells: regulates TCF4-transcriptional factor-induced BCL2 signaling
HR Siddique, A Parray, RS Tarapore, L Wang, H Mukhtar, RJ Karnes, ...
PloS one 8 (5), e60664, 2013
Methylseleninic acid potentiates multiple types of cancer cells to ABT-737-induced apoptosis by targeting Mcl-1 and Bad
S Yin, Y Dong, J Li, L Fan, L Wang, J Lu, O Vang, H Hu
Apoptosis 17 (4), 388-399, 2012
Ceftriaxone, an FDA-approved cephalosporin antibiotic, suppresses lung cancer growth by targeting Aurora B
X Li, H Li, S Li, F Zhu, DJ Kim, H Xie, Y Li, J Nadas, N Oi, TA Zykova, ...
Carcinogenesis 33 (12), 2548-2557, 2012
Proteomic profiling of potential molecular targets of methyl-selenium compounds in the transgenic adenocarcinoma of mouse prostate model
J Zhang, L Wang, LB Anderson, B Witthuhn, Y Xu, J Lü
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Mouse prostate proteomes are differentially altered by supranutritional intake of four selenium compounds
J Zhang, L Wang, G Li, LB Anderson, Y Xu, B Witthuhn, J Lü
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Lung tumorigenesis suppressing effects of a commercial kava extract and its selected compounds in A/J mice
TE Johnson, D Hermanson, L Wang, F Kassie, P Upadhyaya, ...
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Persistent p21Cip1 induction mediates G1 cell cycle arrest by methylseleninic acid in DU145 prostate cancer cells
Z Wang, HJ Lee, Y Chai, H Hu, L Wang, Y Zhang, C Jiang, J Lu
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In vivo molecular mediators of cancer growth suppression and apoptosis by selenium in mammary and prostate models: lack of involvement of gadd genes
W Jiang, C Jiang, H Pei, L Wang, J Zhang, H Hu, J Lü
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Circulating prostaglandin biosynthesis in colorectal cancer and potential clinical significance
H Li, K Liu, LA Boardman, Y Zhao, L Wang, Y Sheng, N Oi, PJ Limburg, ...
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The T-LAK cell-originated protein kinase signal pathway promotes colorectal cancer metastasis
TA Zykova, F Zhu, L Wang, H Li, R Bai, K Yao, AM Bode, Z Dong
EBioMedicine 18, 73-82, 2017
Epicatechin‐rich cocoa polyphenol inhibits Kras‐activated pancreatic ductal carcinoma cell growth in vitro and in a mouse model
HR Siddique, DJ Liao, SK Mishra, T Schuster, L Wang, B Matter, ...
International Journal of Cancer 131 (7), 1720-1731, 2012
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