Aida Ebrahimi
Aida Ebrahimi
Pennsylvania State University (Assoc. Prof.); Purdue University (PhD); University of Tehran (MS, BS)
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Two-Dimensional Materials in Biosensing and Healthcare: From In Vitro Diagnostics to Optogenetics and Beyond
A Bolotsky, D Butler, C Dong, K Gerace, NR Glavin, C Muratore, ...
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A roadmap for electronic grade 2D materials
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Single-atom doping of MoS2 with manganese enables ultrasensitive detection of dopamine: Experimental and computational approach
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Nanotextured superhydrophobic electrodes enable detection of attomolar-scale DNA concentration within a droplet by non-faradaic impedance spectroscopy
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Droplet-based Biosensing for Lab-on-a-Chip, Open Microfluidics Platforms
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Facile post-deposition annealing of graphene ink enables ultrasensitive electrochemical detection of dopamine
D Butler, D Moore, NR Glavin, JA Robinson, A Ebrahimi
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Non-faradaic impedance characterization of an evaporating droplet for microfluidic and biosensing applications
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Detection of bacterial metabolism in lag-phase using impedance spectroscopy of agar-integrated 3D microelectrodes
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Analyzing thermal stability of cell membrane of Salmonella using time-multiplexed impedance sensing
A Ebrahimi, LN Csonka, MA Alam
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Evaporation-induced stimulation of bacterial osmoregulation for electrical assessment of cell viability
A Ebrahimi, MA Alam
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (26), 7059-7064, 2016
High sensitivity interdigited capacitive sensors using branched treelike carbon nanotubes on silicon membranes
Y Abdi, A Ebrahimi, S Mohajerzadeh, M Fathipour
Applied Physics Letters 94 (17), 2009
FeSx-Graphene Heterostructures: Nanofabrication-Compatible Catalysts for Ultra-Sensitive Electrochemical Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide
A Ebrahimi, K Zhang, C Dong, S Subramanian, D Butler, A Bolotsky, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2019
Organic redox-active crystalline layers for reagent-free electrochemical antibiotic susceptibility testing (ORACLE-AST)
A Bolotsky, R Muralidharan, D Butler, K Root, W Murray, Z Liu, A Ebrahimi
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 172, 112615, 2021
A machine learning-based multimodal electrochemical analytical device based on eMoSx-LIG for multiplexed detection of tyrosine and uric acid in sweat and saliva
V Kammarchedu, D Butler, A Ebrahimi
Analytica Chimica Acta 1232, 340447, 2022
Pathogen-specific antimicrobials engineered de novo through membrane-protein biomimicry
AW Simonson, AS Mongia, MR Aronson, JN Alumasa, DC Chan, ...
Nature biomedical engineering 5 (5), 467-480, 2021
Selective deposition of CuO/SnO2 sol–gel on porous SiO2 suitable for the fabrication of MEMS-based H2S sensors
A Ebrahimi, A Pirouz, Y Abdi, S Azimi, S Mohajerzadeh
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 173, 802-810, 2012
A smartphone-interfaced, flexible electrochemical biosensor based on graphene ink for selective detection of dopamine
R Muralidharan, V Chandrashekhar, D Butler, A Ebrahimi
IEEE Sensors Journal 20 (22), 13204-13211, 2020
Hybrid electro-optic capacitive sensors for the fault diagnostic system of power hydrogenerator
IO Zaitsev, AS Levytskyi, A Ebrahimi
Clean Generators-Advances in Modeling of Hydro and Wind Generators, 25-42, 2020
Dynamic Laser Speckle Imaging meets Machine Learning to enable Rapid Antibacterial Susceptibility Testing (DyRAST)
K Zhou, C Zhou, A Sapre, JH Pavlock, A Weaver, R Muralidharan, J Noble, ...
ACS sensors, https://doi.org/10.1021/acssensors.0c01238, 2020
Non-enzymatic detection of glucose in neutral solution using PBS-treated electrodeposited copper-nickel electrodes
L Goodnight, D Butler, T Xia, A Ebrahimi
Biosensors 11 (11), 409, 2021
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