Jacob L Yates
Jacob L Yates
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Single-trial spike trains in parietal cortex reveal discrete steps during decision-making
KW Latimer, JL Yates, MLR Meister, AC Huk, JW Pillow
Science 349 (6244), 184-187, 2015
Dissociated functional significance of decision-related activity in the primate dorsal stream
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Gaze and the control of foot placement when walking in natural terrain
JS Matthis, JL Yates, MM Hayhoe
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V1 is not uniquely identified by polarity reversals of responses to upper and lower visual field stimuli
JM Ales, JL Yates, AM Norcia
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Functional dissection of signal and noise in MT and LIP during decision-making
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The role of the lateral intraparietal area in (the study of) decision making
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Response to Comment on “Single-trial spike trains in parietal cortex reveal discrete steps during decision-making”
KW Latimer, JL Yates, MLR Meister, AC Huk, JW Pillow
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On determining the intracranial sources of visual evoked potentials from scalp topography: a reply to Kelly et al.(this issue)
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Continuous psychophysics: Target-tracking to measure visual sensitivity
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Discrete stepping and nonlinear ramping dynamics underlie spiking responses of LIP neurons during decision-making
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Inferring sparse representations of continuous signals with continuous orthogonal matching pursuit
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Stimulus-choice (mis) alignment in primate area MT
Y Zhao, JL Yates, AJ Levi, AC Huk, IM Park
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Strategic and dynamic temporal weighting for perceptual decisions in humans and macaques
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A confirmation bias in perceptual decision-making due to hierarchical approximate inference
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Dissociated functional significance of choice-related activity across the primate dorsal stream
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A simple linear readout of MT supports motion direction-discrimination performance
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Motion perception in the common marmoset
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Accumulation of Evidence in Decision Making.
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Beyond Fixation: detailed characterization of neural selectivity in free-viewing primates
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Foveal remapping of motion in area MT of the marmoset monkey
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