Flavia Landucci
Flavia Landucci
Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic
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European Vegetation Archive (EVA): an integrated database of European vegetation plots
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sPlot–A new tool for global vegetation analyses
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VegItaly: the Italian collaborative project for a National Vegetation Database
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Formalized classification of species‐poor vegetation: a proposal of a consistent protocol for aquatic vegetation
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Cyto-histological and morpho-physiological responses of common duckweed (Lemna minor L.) to chromium
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Chemosphere 145, 98-105, 2016
Morphological and histo-anatomical traits reflect die-back in Phragmites australis (Cav.) Steud.
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VegItaly: Technical features, crucial issues and some solutions
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The anArchive taxonomic Checklist for Italian botanical data banking and vegetation analysis: Theoretical basis and advantages
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Toward an Italian national vegetation database: VegItaly
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An application of the Cocktail method for the classification of the hydrophytic vegetation at Lake Trasimeno (Central Italy).
F Landucci, D Gigante, R Venanzoni
Fitosociologia 48 (2), 3-22, 2011
European red list of habitats: part 2
JAM Janssen, JS Rodwell, MG Criado, S Gubbay, T Haynes, A Nieto, ...
Terrestrial and Freshwater Habitats, 2016
New occurrence of reed bed decline in southern Europe: Do permanent flooding and chemical parameters play a role?
D Gigante, C Angiolini, F Landucci, F Maneli, B Nisi, O Vaselli, ...
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Vegetation of Lakes Chiusi and Montepulciano (Siena, central Italy): updated knowledge and new discoveries
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A Prioritized Inventory of Crop Wild Relatives and Wild Harvested Plants of Italy
F Landucci, L Panella, D Lucarini, D Gigante, D Donnini, S Kell, N Maxted, ...
Crop Science 54 (4), 1628-1644, 2014
WetVegEurope: a database of aquatic and wetland vegetation of Europe
F Landucci, M Řezníčková, K Šumberová, M Chytrý, L Aunina, ...
Phytocoenologia 45 (1-2), 187-194, 2015
The reed die-back syndrome and its implications for floristic and vegetational traits of Phragmitetum australis
D Gigante, F Landucci, R Venanzoni
Plant Sociology 50 (1), 3-16, 2013
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