Patrick Schnable
Patrick Schnable
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The B73 maize genome: complexity, diversity, and dynamics
PS Schnable, D Ware, RS Fulton, JC Stein, F Wei, S Pasternak, C Liang, ...
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International Brachypodium Initiative
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Laser-capture microdissection, a tool for the global analysis of gene expression in specific plant cell types: identification of genes expressed differentially in epidermal …
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Characterization of the dominant mutant amylose-extender (Ae1-5180) maize starch.
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The En/Spm transposable element of Zea mays contains splice sites at the termini generating a novel intron from a dSpm element in the A2 gene.
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The EMBO journal 9 (10), 3051-3057, 1990
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