Anton Buzdin
Anton Buzdin
Chief Scientific Officer, PhD
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Genetics and epigenetics of aging and longevity
A Moskalev, A Aliper, Z Smit-McBride, A Buzdin, A Zhavoronkov
Cell Cycle 13 (7), 1063-1077, 2014
Retroelements and their impact on genome evolution and functioning
E Gogvadze, A Buzdin
Cellular and molecular life sciences 66 (23), 3727-3742, 2009
Cutting edge: activation of STING in T cells induces type I IFN responses and cell death
B Larkin, V Ilyukha, M Sorokin, A Buzdin, E Vannier, A Poltorak
The Journal of Immunology 199 (2), 397-402, 2017
The human genome contains many types of chimeric retrogenes generated through in vivo RNA recombination
A Buzdin, E Gogvadze, E Kovalskaya, P Volchkov, S Ustyugova, ...
Nucleic acids research 31 (15), 4385-4390, 2003
A new family of chimeric retrotranscripts formed by a full copy of U6 small nuclear RNA fused to the 3′ terminus of l1
A Buzdin, S Ustyugova, E Gogvadze, T Vinogradova, Y Lebedev, ...
Genomics 80 (4), 402-406, 2002
At least 50% of human-specific HERV-K (HML-2) long terminal repeats serve in vivo as active promoters for host nonrepetitive DNA transcription
A Buzdin, E Kovalskaya-Alexandrova, E Gogvadze, E Sverdlov
Journal of virology 80 (21), 10752-10762, 2006
Oncofinder, a new method for the analysis of intracellular signaling pathway activation using transcriptomic data
AA Buzdin, AA Zhavoronkov, MB Korzinkin, LS Venkova, AA Zenin, ...
Frontiers in genetics 5, 55, 2014
A role for G‐CSF and GM‐CSF in nonmyeloid cancers
AM Aliper, VP Frieden‐Korovkina, A Buzdin, SA Roumiantsev, ...
Cancer medicine 3 (4), 737-746, 2014
Human-specific subfamilies of HERV-K (HML-2) long terminal repeats: three master genes were active simultaneously during branching of hominoid lineages
A Buzdin, S Ustyugova, K Khodosevich, I Mamedov, Y Lebedev, ...
Genomics 81 (2), 149-156, 2003
In silico Pathway Activation Network Decomposition Analysis (iPANDA) as a method for biomarker development
IV Ozerov, KV Lezhnina, E Izumchenko, AV Artemov, S Medintsev, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-11, 2016
Molecular functions of human endogenous retroviruses in health and disease
M Suntsova, A Garazha, A Ivanova, D Kaminsky, A Zhavoronkov, ...
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 72 (19), 3653-3675, 2015
Human-specific endogenous retroviral insert serves as an enhancer for the schizophrenia-linked gene PRODH
M Suntsova, EV Gogvadze, S Salozhin, N Gaifullin, F Eroshkin, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (48), 19472-19477, 2013
Signaling pathway activation drift during aging: Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome fibroblasts are comparable to normal middle-age and old-age cells
AM Aliper, AB Csoka, A Buzdin, T Jetka, S Roumiantsev, A Moskalev, ...
Aging (Albany NY) 7 (1), 26, 2015
Signaling pathways activation profiles make better markers of cancer than expression of individual genes
NM Borisov, NV Terekhanova, AM Aliper, LS Venkova, PY Smirnov, ...
Oncotarget 5 (20), 10198, 2014
Silencing AML1-ETO gene expression leads to simultaneous activation of both pro-apoptotic and proliferation signaling
PV Spirin, TD Lebedev, NN Orlova, AS Gornostaeva, MM Prokofjeva, ...
Leukemia 28 (11), 2222-2228, 2014
Retroelements and formation of chimeric retrogenes
AA Buzdin
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences CMLS 61 (16), 2046-2059, 2004
Human-specific modulation of transcriptional activity provided by endogenous retroviral insertions
E Gogvadze, E Stukacheva, A Buzdin, E Sverdlov
Journal of virology 83 (12), 6098-6105, 2009
Functional human endogenous retroviral LTR transcription start sites are located between the R and U5 regions
E Kovalskaya, A Buzdin, E Gogvadze, T Vinogradova, E Sverdlov
Virology 346 (2), 373-378, 2006
The OncoFinder algorithm for minimizing the errors introduced by the high-throughput methods of transcriptome analysis
AA Buzdin, AA Zhavoronkov, MB Korzinkin, SA Roumiantsev, AM Aliper, ...
Frontiers in molecular biosciences 1, 8, 2014
Functional significance of a putative sp1 transcription factor binding site in the survivin gene promoter
MV Mityaev, EP Kopantzev, AA Buzdin, TV Vinogradova, ED Sverdlov
Biochemistry (Moscow) 73 (11), 1183-1191, 2008
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