Sergey Kostyukevych
Sergey Kostyukevych
Institute of Semiconductor Physics
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Holographic optical element fabrication using chalcogenide layers
IZ Indutnyi, AV Stronski, SA Kostyukevych, PF Romanenko, ...
Optical Engineering 34 (4), 1030-1040, 1995
Application of As40S60− xSex layers for high-efficiency grating production
AV Stronski, M Vlček, A Sklenar, PE Shepeljavi, SA Kostyukevich, ...
Journal of non-crystalline solids 266, 973-978, 2000
Optical biosensors based on the surface plasmon resonance phenomenon: optimization of the metal layer parameters
BA Snopok, KV Kostyukevich, SI Lysenko, PM Lytvyn, OS Lytvyn, ...
Semiconductor Physics Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, 2001
Recording of holographic optical elements on As-S-Sr layers
AV Stronski, PF Romanenko, II Robur, IZ Indutnyi, PE Shepelyavi
Journal of information recording materials (1985) 20 (6), 541-546, 1993
Study of non-reversible photostructural transformations in As₄₀S₆₀-xSex layers applied for fabrication of holographic protective elements
AV Stronski, M Vlcek, SA Kostyukevych, VM Tomchuk, EV Kostyukevych, ...
Semiconductor Physics Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, 2002
Interfacial architecture on the fractal support: polycrystalline gold films as support for self-assembling monolayers
EV B Snopok, P Strizhak, E Kostyukevich, V Serebriy, S Lysenko, P ...
Semiconductor Physics Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, 1999
Fabrication of periodical structures with the help of chalcogenide inorganic resists
PE Shepeljavi, SA Kostyukevych, IZ Indutnyi, AV Stronski
Integrated Optics and Microstructures II 2291, 188-192, 1994
Multilevel computer-generated holograms for reconstructing 3D images in combined optical-digital security devices
VI Girnyk, SA Kostyukevych, AV Kononov, IS Borisov
Optical Security and Counterfeit Deterrence Techniques IV 4677, 255-266, 2002
A multi-energy method of nondestructive testing by determination of the effective atomic number of different materials
VD Ryzhikov, OD Opolonin, SM Galkin, YF Voronkin, OK Lysetska, ...
Hard X-Ray, Gamma-Ray, and Neutron Detector Physics XII 7805, 78051P, 2010
Application of surface plasmon resonance for the investigation of ultrathin metal films
SA Kostyukevych, YM Shirshov, EP Matsas, AV Stronski, YV Subbota, ...
International Conference on Optical Diagnostics of Materials and Devices for …, 1995
Multi-element gas sensor based on surface plasmon resonance: recognition of alcohols by using calixarene films
KV Kostyukevych, RV Khristosenko, YM Shirshov, SA Kostyukevych, ...
Semiconductor physics quantum electronics & optoelectronics, 313-320, 2011
Inorganic Photolithography
VV Petrov, AA Kryuchin, SA Kostyukevich, VM Rubish
Institute for Physics of Metals, NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2007
Analysis of properties of optical carriers after long-term storage
VV Petrov, AA Kryuchyn, IV Gorbov, IO Kossko, SO Kostyukevych
Semiconductor Physics Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, 2009
Recording the high efficient diffraction gratings by using He-Cd laser
SA Kostyukevych, AN Morozovska, VI Minko, PE Shepeliavyi, ...
Semiconductor Physics Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics, 2004
Experimental investigations and computer modeling of the photochemical processes in Ag-As2S3 structures using surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
CYV Chegel’ V.I., Shirshov Yu.M., Kostyukevich S.O., Shepeliavy P.E.
Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics 4 (4), 301-306, 2001
Laser lithography in the layers As2S3
IZ Indutniy, SA Kostyukevych, VI Minko, AV Stronsky, PE Shepeliavyi
Optoelectronics and Semiconductor Technics, 52-59, 1993
Development of receiving-detecting circuit for digital radiographic systems with improved spatial resolution
VD Ryzhikov, OD Opolonin, SM Galkin, YF Voronkin, OK Lysetska, ...
Penetrating Radiation Systems and Applications X 7450, 74500J, 2009
Chalcogenide inorganic resists as holographic recording media
IZ Indutnyi, PF Romanenko, AV Stronski, SA Kostyukevych, PE Shepeljavi, ...
International Conference on Optical Holography and its Applications 3486, 82-87, 1998
Formation of optical disk direction paths and optical master disks with the help of inorganic resist
SA Kostioukevitch, PE Shepeljavi, IZ Indutnyi
Proc. SPIE 2026, 5, 1993
Raman spectra and optical properties of thin As 40 S 60 and As 40 S 50 Se 10 films
VM Rubish, VO Stefanovich, OG Guranich, VV Rubish, SA Kostiukevych, ...
Ukr. J. Phys. Opt 8, 69-77, 2007
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