Byron B Lamont
Byron B Lamont
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The worldwide leaf economics spectrum
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Population fragmentation may reduce fertility to zero in Banksia goodii—a demonstration of the Allee effect
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B Lamont
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Structure, ecology and physiology of root clusters–a review
BB Lamont
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Fire‐adapted traits of Pinus arose in the fiery Cretaceous
T He, JG Pausas, CM Belcher, DW Schwilk, BB Lamont
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Seed/cotyledon size and nutrient content play a major role in early performance of species on nutrient‐poor soils
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Performance of nonparametric species richness estimators in a high diversity plant community
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Long‐distance seed dispersal in a metapopulation of Banksia hookeriana inferred from a population allocation analysis of amplified fragment length polymorphism …
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