Mining of Mineral Deposits
Mining of Mineral Deposits
Dnipro University of Technology
Немає підтвердженої електронної адреси - Домашня сторінка
Review of man-made mineral formations accumulation and prospects of their developing in mining industrial regions in Ukraine
M Petlovanyi, O Kuzmenko, V Lozynskyi, V Popovych, K Sai, P Saik
Mining of Mineral Deposits 13 (1), 24-38, 2019
Review of unconventional hydrocarbon resources: production technologies and opportunities for development
OM Tolmachev, AA Urunov, SN Muminova, GP Dvoichenkova, ...
Mining of mineral deposits 14 (4), 113, 2020
Ecological and technological aspects of iron-ore underground mining
O Khomenko, M Kononenko, I Myronova
Mining of Mineral Deposits 11 (2), 59-67, 2017
Innovative aspects of underground coal gasification technology in mine conditions
V Falshtynskyi, P Saik, V Lozynskyi, R Dychkovskyi, M Petlovanyi
Mining of Mineral Deposits, 68-75, 2018
Substantiating parameters of stratification cavities formation in the roof rocks during underground coal gasification
V Falshtynskyi, V Lozynskyi, P Saik, R Dychkovskyi, M Tabachenko
Mining of Mineral Deposits 10 (1), 16-24, 2016
Application features of the surface laser scanning technology when solving the main tasks of surveying support for reclamation
K Rysbekov, D Huayang, T Kalybekov, M Sandybekov, K Idrissov, ...
Mining of Mineral Deposits 13 (3), 40-48, 2019
Research into stress-strain state of the rock mass condition in the process of the operation of double-unit longwalls
R Dychkovskyi, I Shavarskyi, P Saik, V Lozynskyi, V Falshtynskyi, ...
Mining of Mineral Deposits 14 (2), 85-94, 2020
Tendencies of coal industry development in Ukraine
V Snihur, D Malashkevych, T Vvedenska
Mining of Mineral Deposits 10 (2), 1-8, 2016
Regularities of hydromechanical amber extraction from sandy deposits
Y Malanchuk, V Korniienko, V Moshynskyi, V Soroka, A Khrystyuk, ...
Mining of Mineral Deposits 13 (1), 49-57, 2019
Improving the efficiency of blasting operations in mines with the help of emulsion explosives
V Lyashenko, A Vorob'ev, V Nebohin, K Vorob'ev
Mining of Mineral Deposits 12 (1), 95-102, 2018
Numerical modelling of massif zonal structuring around underground working
M Kononenko, O Khomenko, A Sudakov, S Drobot, T Lkhagva
Mining of Mineral Deposits 10 (3), 101-106, 2016
Economic criteria for optimizing the number and load factor of mining transformers
D Pasculescu, L Pana, VM Pasculescu, F Deliu
Mining of Mineral Deposits 13 (2), 1-16, 2019
Industrial research into massif zonal fragmentation around mine workings
O Khomenko, M Kononenko, M Netecha
Mining of Mineral Deposits 10 (1), 50-56, 2016
Nuclear-and-fuel power industry of Ukraine: production, science, education
O Khomenko, M Kononenko, L Tsendjav, B Janchiv
Mining of Mineral Deposits 11 (4), 86-95, 2017
Models and methods to make decisions while mining production scheduling
A Khorolskyi, V Hrinov, O Mamaikin, Y Demchenko
Mining of Mineral Deposits 13 (4), 53-62, 2019
Mineral resources and national economic security: current features
V Sekerin, M Dudin, A Gorokhova, S Bank, O Bank
Mining of mineral deposits, 72-79, 2019
Influence of configuration chambers on the formation of stress in multi-modulus mass
M Petlovanyi
Mining of Mineral Deposits 10 (2), 48-54, 2016
Implementation of probabilistic approach to rock mass strength estimation while excavating through fault zones
D Babets, O Sdvyzhkova, O Shashenko, K Kravchenko, EC Cabana
Mining of Mineral Deposits 13 (4), 72-83, 2019
Sustainable development of Ukrainian iron and steel industry enterprises in regards to the bulk manufacturing waste recycling efficiency improvement
O Filonenko
Mining of Mineral Deposits, 115-122, 2018
Coalbed methane: places of origin, perspectives of extraction, alternative methods of transportation with the use of gas hydrate and nanotechnologies
K Hanushevych, V Srivastava
Mining of Mineral Deposits, 2017
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