O. P. Ostash
O. P. Ostash
професор, Фізико-механічний інститут
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Fatigue process zone at notches
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OP Ostash
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Structural transformations in the NiO-containing anode of ceramic fuel cells in the course of its reduction and oxidation
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Зарождение усталостных трещин у концентраторов напряжений
ВВ Панасюк, ОП Осташ, EМ Kостык
Физ. rхим. механика материалов, 3-10, 1985
Thermal stability and mechanical characteristics of densified Ti3AlC2-based material
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On the fracture toughness of materials under cyclic loading
SY Yarema, OP Ostash
Fiziko-Khimicheskaya Mekhanika Materialov 14 (5), 112-114, 1978
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