Christian O. Marks
Christian O. Marks
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Functional traits and the growth–mortality trade‐off in tropical trees
SJ Wright, K Kitajima, NJB Kraft, PB Reich, IJ Wright, DE Bunker, R Condit, ...
Ecology 91 (12), 3664-3674, 2010
Alternative designs and the evolution of functional diversity
CO Marks, MJ Lechowicz
The American Naturalist 167 (1), 55-66, 2006
Comparing tropical forest tree size distributions with the predictions of metabolic ecology and equilibrium models
HC Muller‐Landau, RS Condit, KE Harms, CO Marks, SC Thomas, ...
Ecology letters 9 (5), 589-602, 2006
The ecological and functional correlates of nocturnal transpiration
CO Marks, MJ Lechowicz
Tree Physiology 27 (4), 577-584, 2007
The causes of variation in tree seedling traits: the roles of environmental selection versus chance
CO Marks
Evolution 61 (2), 455-469, 2007
Tree diversity, tree height and environmental harshness in eastern and western North America
CO Marks, HC Muller‐Landau, D Tilman
Ecology letters 19 (7), 743-751, 2016
A holistic tree seedling model for the investigation of functional trait diversity
CO Marks, MJ Lechowicz
Ecological Modelling 193 (3-4), 141-181, 2006
Quantifying flooding regime in floodplain forests to guide river restoration
CO Marks, KH Nislow, FJ Magilligan
Elementa 2, 2014
Integrating biological control into conservation practice
R Van Driesche, D Simberloff, B Blossey, C Causton, M Hoddle, ...
John Wiley & Sons, 2016
Decision support system for water and environmental resources in the Connecticut River basin
DW Julian, JT Hickey, WL Fields, L Ostadrahimi, KM Maher, TG Barker, ...
Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 142 (1), 04015038, 2016
A quantitative framework for demographic trends in size‐structured populations: analysis of threats to floodplain forests
CO Marks, CD Canham
Ecosphere 6 (11), 1-55, 2015
Towards a functional trait based research program within the Center for Tropical Forest Science
SJ Wright, D Bunker, J Dalling, S Davies, S Díaz, B Engelbrecht, K Harms, ...
The Center for Tropical Forest Science, 2006
Aquatic conservation planning at a landscape scale
KH Nislow, CO Marks, KA Lutz
Landscape-Scale Conservation Planning, 99-119, 2010
Development of new Dutch elm disease-tolerant selections for restoration of the American elm in urban and forested landscapes
CC Pinchot, CE Flower, KS Knight, C Marks, R Minocha, D Lesser, ...
In: Sniezko, Richard A.; Man, Gary; Hipkins, Valerie; Woeste, Keith; Gwaze …, 2017
Tree diversity in relation to maximum tree height: evidence for the harshness hypothesis of species diversity gradients
CO Marks, HC Muller‐Landau, D Tilman
Ecology letters 20 (3), 398-399, 2017
Ecological Interfaces between Land and Flowing Water: Themes and Trends in Riparian Research and Management
SB Rood, ML Scott, M Dixon, E González, CO Marks, PB Shafroth, ...
Wetlands, 1-11, 2020
Variation in tree growth along soil formation and microtopographic gradients in riparian forests
CO Marks, BC Yellen, SA Wood, EH Martin, KH Nislow
Wetlands 40 (6), 1909-1922, 2020
The ecological role of American elm (Ulmus americana L.) in floodplain forests of northeastern North America
CO Marks
In: Pinchot, Cornelia C.; Knight, Kathleen S.; Haugen, Linda M.; Flower …, 2017
Seedling submergence tolerances accurately predict riparian tree species distributions: insights to help design environmental flows
CO Marks, H Atia
Wetlands 40 (6), 1923-1934, 2020
Scale and climate regulation as a conservation incentive
CO Marks, E Garcia, JP Molin
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 18 (8), 429-430, 2020
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