Ihor Shtablavyi
Ihor Shtablavyi
Docent, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
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Liquid eutectic alloys as a cluster solutions
S Mudry, I Shtablavyi, I Shcherba
Archives of Materials Science and Engineering 34 (1), 14-18, 2008
The structure of Al–Cu and Al–Si eutectic melts
I Shtablavyi, S Mudry, V Mykhaylyuk, J Rybicki
Journal of non-crystalline solids 354 (35-39), 4469-4474, 2008
Structural studies of liquid Co–Sn alloys
A Yakymovych, I Shtablavyi, S Mudry
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The relation between structure changes and thermal expansion in liquid indium
S Mudry, I Shtablavyi, U Liudkevych
Physics and Chemistry of Liquids 55 (2), 254-263, 2017
Structure and electrophysical properties of liquid Pb83Mg17 and Pb83Li17 eutectics
S Mudry, I Shtablavyi, V Sklyarchuk, Y Plevachuk
Journal of nuclear materials 376 (3), 371-374, 2008
Effect of nano Co reinforcements on the structure of the Sn-3.0 Ag-0.5 Cu solder in liquid and after reflow solid states
A Yakymovych, S Mudry, I Shtablavyi, H Ipser
Materials Chemistry and Physics 181, 470-475, 2016
Cluster structure in Al-Si eutectic melt with solid Ni particles
S Mudry, I Shtablavyi
Chemistry of metals and alloys, 163-167, 2008
Structure and thermal expansion of liquid bismuth
S Mudry, I Shtablavyi, U Liudkevych, S Winczewski
Materials Science-Poland 33 (4), 767-773, 2015
The structure and viscosity features in In–Bi near-eutectic melts
S Mudry, V Sklyarchuk, A Yakymovych, I Shtablavyi
Physics and Chemistry of Liquids 45 (6), 675-681, 2007
Structural disordering in Sn-Pb (Bi) eutectic melts induced by heating
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Methods and facilities for thermophysical and structure investigations of liquid metallic alloys
Y Plevachuk, V Sklyarchuk, A Yakymovych, I Shtablavyi
6th International Conference Electromagnetic Processing of Materials …, 2009
Correlation between diffraction and viscosity data for Bi–Ga molten alloys
S Mudry, A Yakymovych, I Shtablavyi, V Sidorov, K Shunyaev
Bulletin of materials science 35 (1), 83-87, 2012
Structure and electric resistance of Sn-Cu (Ag) solders in the precrystallization temperature range.
S Mudryi, I Shtablavyi, V Sklyarchuk, Y Plevachuk, A Korolyshyn, ...
Materials science 46 (3), 2011
Structure and thermal expansion mechanism of liquid InBi compound
I Shtablavyi, S Mudry, U Liudkevych
Metall Mater 55, 351-356, 2017
Thermal stability of cluster structure in Bi x Sn1− x molten alloys in vicinity of eutectic point
S Mudry, I Shtablavyi, I Shevernoga
Physics and Chemistry of Liquids 50 (5), 630-636, 2012
The influence of doping with tin on the structure of Cu0. 70Si0. 30 eutectic melt
S Mudry, I Shtablavyi
Journal of non-crystalline solids 352 (40-41), 4287-4291, 2006
Structure evolution and entropy changes of Ga0,7Bi0,3 liquid alloy
S Mudry, I Shtablavyi, U Liudkevych
Physics and Chemistry of Liquids 58 (3), 325-336, 2020
The transformation of the structure at heating and mechanism of thermal expansion of Sn-Bi eutectic alloy
II Shtablavyi, SI Mudry, UI Liudkevych
Physics and Chemistry of Solid State 18 (2), 198-205, 2017
Liquid Co–Sn alloys at high temperatures: structure and physical properties
Y Plevachuk, V Sklyarchuk, I Shtablavyi, S Mudry, J Brillo, H Kobatake, ...
Physics and Chemistry of Liquids 54 (4), 440-453, 2016
Structure and electroconductivity of tin-enriched Sn0. 987Cu0. 013, Sn0. 987Ag0. 013 and Sn0. 949Ag0. 038Cu0. 013 liquid eutectic alloys
S Mudry, V Sklyarchuk, I Shtablavyi, A Korolyshyn
Journal of molecular liquids 127 (1-3), 121-123, 2006
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