Mauricio Comas-Garcia, Ph.D.
Mauricio Comas-Garcia, Ph.D.
Professor at the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi (Mexico)
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Self-assembly of viral capsid protein and RNA molecules of different sizes: requirement for a specific high protein/RNA mass ratio
RD Cadena-Nava, M Comas-Garcia, RF Garmann, ALN Rao, CM Knobler, ...
Journal of virology 86 (6), 3318-3326, 2012
The assembly pathway of an icosahedral single-stranded RNA virus depends on the strength of inter-subunit attractions
RF Garmann, M Comas-Garcia, A Gopal, CM Knobler, WM Gelbart
Journal of molecular biology 426 (5), 1050-1060, 2014
Physical principles in the self-assembly of a simple spherical virus
RF Garmann, M Comas-Garcia, CM Knobler, WM Gelbart
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Role of electrostatics in the assembly pathway of a single-stranded RNA virus
RF Garmann, M Comas-Garcia, MST Koay, JJLM Cornelissen, ...
Journal of virology 88 (18), 10472-10479, 2014
In Vitro Quantification of the Relative Packaging Efficiencies of Single-Stranded RNA Molecules by Viral Capsid Protein
M Comas-Garcia, RD Cadena-Nava, ALN Rao, CM Knobler, WM Gelbart
Journal of virology 86 (22), 12271-12282, 2012
On the selective packaging of genomic RNA by HIV-1
M Comas-Garcia, SR Davis, A Rein
Viruses 8 (9), 246, 2016
Characterization of viral capsid protein self-assembly around short single-stranded RNA
M Comas-Garcia, RF Garmann, SW Singaram, A Ben-Shaul, CM Knobler, ...
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Equilibrium self-assembly of small RNA viruses
RF Bruinsma, M Comas-Garcia, RF Garmann, AY Grobserg
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Dissection of specific binding of HIV-1 Gag to the "packaging signal" in viral RNA
M Comas-Garcia, SAK Datta, L Baker, R Varma, PR Gudla, A Rein
eLife 6, e27055, 2017
Packaging of genomic RNA in positive-sense single-stranded RNA viruses: a complex story
M Comas-Garcia
Viruses 11 (3), 253, 2019
Efficient support of virus-like particle assembly by the HIV-1 packaging signal
M Comas-Garcia, T Kroupa, SAK Datta, DP Harvin, WS Hu, A Rein
Elife 7, e38438, 2018
Challenges and opportunities for the biotechnology research community during the coronavirus pandemic
S Rosales-Mendoza, M Comas-García, SS Korban
Trends in Biotechnology 38 (8), 823-824, 2020
Physicochemical study of viral nanoparticles at the air/water interface
JF Torres-Salgado, M Comas-Garcia, MV Villagrana-Escareño, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120 (26), 5864-5873, 2016
Synthesis and immunogenicity assessment of a gold nanoparticle conjugate for the delivery of a peptide from SARS-CoV-2
S Farfán-Castro, MJ García-Soto, M Comas-García, JI Arévalo-Villalobos, ...
Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine 34, 102372, 2021
The Role of Virus-Like Particles in Medical Biotechnology
M Comas-Garcia, M Colunga-Saucedo, S Rosales-Mendoza
Molecular Pharmaceutics 17 (12), 4407-4420, 2020
In vitro studies of single-stranded RNA virus self-assembly
M Comas Garcia
UCLA, 2013
Estudio fisicoquímico de nanoparticulas virales en la interfase aire/agua
MC García
M. Comas García, 2007
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