Valeriya Gritsenko
Valeriya Gritsenko
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Contribution of stretch reflexes to locomotor control: a modeling study
S Yakovenko, V Gritsenko, A Prochazka
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Afferent input, efference copy, signal noise, and biases in perception of joint angle during active versus passive elbow movements
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Feasibility of using low-cost motion capture for automated screening of shoulder motion limitation after breast cancer surgery
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Biomechanical constraints underlying motor primitives derived from the musculoskeletal anatomy of the human arm
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Gravitational and dynamic components of muscle torque underlie tonic and phasic muscle activity during goal-directed reaching
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Strengthening Corticospinal Connections with Chronic Electrical Stimulation after Injury
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Stretch reflexes increase after partial denervation of cat triceps surae muscles
V Gritsenko, V Mushahwar, A Prochazka
Force-based assessment captures unseen changes in normal and abnormal arm motion
AB Thomas, EV Olesh, A Adcock, V Gritsenko
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Analytical CPG model driven by limb velocity input generates accurate temporal locomotor dynamics
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Analytical CPG model driven by single-limb velocity input generates accurate temporal locomotor dynamics
S Yakovenko, A Sobinov, V Gritsenko
PeerJ, 2018
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