Marc Borrega
Marc Borrega
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Novel concepts of dissolving pulp production
H Sixta, M Iakovlev, L Testova, A Roselli, M Hummel, M Borrega, ...
Cellulose 20 (4), 1547-1561, 2013
Mechanical behavior of heat-treated spruce (Picea abies) wood at constant moisture content and ambient humidity
M Borrega, PP Kärenlampi
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Hygroscopicity of heat-treated Norway spruce (Picea abies) wood
M Borrega, PP Kärenlampi
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Degradation kinetics of the main carbohydrates in birch wood during hot water extraction in a batch reactor at elevated temperatures
M Borrega, K Nieminen, H Sixta
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Potential of hot water extraction of birch wood to produce high-purity dissolving pulp after alkaline pulping
M Borrega, LK Tolonen, F Bardot, L Testova, H Sixta
Bioresource technology 135, 665-671, 2013
Mechanics of balsa (Ochroma pyramidale) wood
M Borrega, LJ Gibson
Mechanics of Materials 84, 75-90, 2015
Composition and structure of balsa (Ochroma pyramidale) wood
M Borrega, P Ahvenainen, R Serimaa, L Gibson
Wood science and technology 49 (2), 403-420, 2015
Comparison of the structure and flexural properties of Moso, Guadua and Tre Gai bamboo
PG Dixon, P Ahvenainen, AN Aijazi, SH Chen, S Lin, PK Augusciak, ...
Construction and Building Materials 90, 11-17, 2015
Effects of hot water extraction in a batch reactor on the delignification of birch wood
M Borrega, K Nieminen, H Sixta
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Effect of relative humidity on thermal degradation of Norway spruce (Picea abies) wood
M Borrega, PP Kärenlampi
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Wood biorefinery based on γ-valerolactone/water fractionation
HQ Lê, Y Ma, M Borrega, H Sixta
Green Chemistry 18 (20), 5466-5476, 2016
Dissolving-grade birch pulps produced under various prehydrolysis intensities: quality, structure and applications
L Testova, M Borrega, LK Tolonen, PA Penttilä, R Serimaa, PT Larsson, ...
Cellulose 21 (3), 2007-2021, 2014
The chemical-free production of nanocelluloses from microcrystalline cellulose and their use as Pickering emulsion stabilizer
J Buffiere, Z Balogh-Michels, M Borrega, T Geiger, T Zimmermann, ...
Carbohydrate polymers 178, 48-56, 2017
Cell wall porosity in Norway spruce wood as affected by high-temperature drying
M Borrega, PP Kärenlampi
Wood and Fiber Science 43 (2), 206-214, 2011
Effect of hydrothermal treatment intensity on the formation of degradation products from birchwood
M Borrega, K Niemelä, H Sixta
Holzforschung 67 (8), 871-879, 2013
Purification of cellulosic pulp by hot water extraction
M Borrega, H Sixta
Cellulose 20 (6), 2803-2812, 2013
Three mechanisms affecting the mechanical properties of spruce wood dried at high temperatures
M Borrega, PP Kärenlampi
Journal of wood science 56 (2), 87-94, 2010
Resistance of European and hybrid aspen wood against two brown-rot fungi
M Borrega, S Nevalainen, H Heräjärvi
European Journal of Wood and Wood Products 67 (2), 177-182, 2009
Lignin-first integrated hydrothermal treatment (HTT) and synthesis of low-cost biorefinery particles
TV Lourencon, LG Greca, D Tarasov, M Borrega, T Tamminen, OJ Rojas, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 8 (2), 1230-1239, 2019
Application of mild autohydrolysis to facilitate the dissolution of wood chips in direct-dissolution solvents
S Deb, SR Labafzadeh, U Liimatainen, A Parviainen, LKJ Hauru, S Azhar, ...
Green Chemistry 18 (11), 3286-3294, 2016
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