Oksana Hertsyk
Oksana Hertsyk
Доцент кафедри фізичної хімії, Львівський національний університет імен Івана Франка
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Formation of protective coating on amorphous metallic surfaces by controlled adsorption of functional oligoperoxides from aqueous solutions
MO Kovbuz, OM Hertsyk, NE Mitina, YZ Khimyak, LM Bednarska
Polish journal of chemistry 82 (1-2), 93-100, 2008
Peculiarities associated with the adsorption of inorganic and organic nitrogen-containing compounds on amorphous metal surfaces
MO Kovbuz, OM Hertsyk, LM Bednars' ka
Adsorption Science & Technology 17 (7), 565-574, 1999
Modification of the surface of soft magnetic amorphous alloys by oligomers for the formation of durable corrosion-resistant coatings
OM Hertsyk, MO Kovbuz, OA Ezers’ka, TH Pereverzeva
Materials Science 47 (3), 401-407, 2011
Nanocrystallization and structure of Fe78. 5Ni1. 0Mo0. 5Si6. 0B14. 0 amorphous alloy
L Bednarska, S Mudry, M Kovbuz, B Kotur, O Hertsyk, G Haneczok, ...
Journal of non-crystalline solids 354 (35-39), 4359-4362, 2008
The formation of intermetallic phases upon crystallization of amorphous alloys Co67. 2Fe3. 8Cr3. 0Si14. 0B12. 0 and Co66. 5Fe4. 0Mo1. 5Si16. 0B12. 0
S Mudry, B Kotur, L Bednarska, Y Kulyk, A Korolyshyn, O Hertsyk
Journal of alloys and compounds 367 (1-2), 274-276, 2004
An effect of low temperature processing on stability of physical and chemical properties of amorphous alloy Fe78.5Ni1.0Mo0.5Si6.0B14.0
OM Hertsyk, MA Kovbuz, TG Pereverzeva, LM Boichyshyn, BY Kotur
Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry 86 (6), 802-806, 2013
Properties of amorphous alloys of Al–REM–Ni and Al–REM–Ni–Fe systems with nanocrystalline structure
LM Boichyshyn, OM Hertsyk, MO Kovbuz, TH Pereverzeva, BY Kotur
Materials Science 48 (4), 555-559, 2013
Optimization of the preparation oligoperoxide films on the amorphous metallic surface Fe-(Ме)-Si-B
O Hertsyk, M Kovbuz, O Yezerska
Chem. Met. Alloys 2, 94-101, 2009
Influence of structurization of amorphous metallic alloys Al87Y5 − x Gd x Ni8 − y (x = 0, 1, 5; y = 0, 4) on their mechanical …
L Boichyshyn, M Kovbuz, O Hertsyk, V Nosenko, B Kotur
Physics of the Solid State 55 (2), 243-246, 2013
Evaluation of the volume fraction of the crystalline phase in amorphous alloys
SI Mudryi, AV Korolyshyn, BY Kotur, LM Bednars' ka, OM Hertsyk, ...
Materials Science 41 (3), 427, 2005
Influence of thermal treatment on the adsorption ability of amorphous alloys
OM Hertsyk, MO Kovbuz, LM Bednars' ka, BY Kotur
Adsorption Science & Technology 20 (6), 531-539, 2002
Corrosion-electrochemical properties of Fe− Nb− B amorphous alloys doped with dysprosium or terbium
LM Boichyshyn, OМ Hertsyk, МО Kovbuz, BY Kotur, VK Nosenko
Materials Science 50 (5), 653-658, 2015
Influence of Cu and Nb on the nanocrystallization and magnetic properties of amorphous alloys based on iron
L Bednarska, G Haneczok, M Kovbuz, B Kotur, O Hertsyk
Materials Science 43 (6), 890, 2007
Temperatures changes of structure in Al87Ni8Y5 amorphous alloy.
S Mudry, L Bednarska, Y Kulyk, B Kotur, M Kovbuz, O Hertsyk
Archives of Materials Science 25 (4), 373-378, 2004
The colloidal chemical properties and features of the adsorption of functional oligoperoxides on to liquid and solid surfaces
AS Zaichenko, NE Mitina, MO Kovbuz, OM Hertsyk
Adsorption Science & Technology 20 (7), 647-656, 2002
Corrosion Resistance of the Fe68.93Mn1Mo4Cr2C7P10B5Si2(Cu, W,Al)0.07 Amorphous Alloy in Media with Different Aggressiveness
OM Hertsyk, LM Boichyshyn, MO Kovbuz, YO Kulyk, VK Nosenko
Materials Science 51 (5), 719-726, 2016
Electrocatalytic evolution of hydrogen on amorphous Fe-Nb-B-Rare-Earth-Metal electrodes from alkaline solutions
LM Boichyshyn, OM Hertsyk, MA Kovbus, TG Pereverzeva, BY Kotur
Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry 87 (1), 61-68, 2014
Influence of Gd, Dy and Fe doping on electrochemical properties of Al87Y5Ni8 amorphous metallic alloy
L Bednarska, J Kubisztal, A Budniok, M Kovbuz, O Hertsyk, T Mika, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 289 (1), 012019, 2011
Temperature dependence of the magnetic properties of amorphous Fe-Me-Si-B Alloys
LM Bednars' ka, YK Horelenko, MO Kovbuz, OM Hertsyk, BY Kotur, ...
Materials Science 39 (2), 291-294, 2003
Corrosion Resistance of the Fe^ sub 68.93^ Mn^ sub 1^ Mo^ sub 4^ Cr^ sub 2^ C^ sub 7^ P^ sub 10^ B^ sub 5^ Si^ sub 2^(Cu, W, Al)^ sub 0.07^ Amorphous Alloy in Media with …
OM Hertsyk, LM Boichyshyn, MO Kovbuz, YO Kulyk, VK Nosenko
Materials Science 51 (5), 719, 2016
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