Luis Fernández Barquín
Luis Fernández Barquín
Profesor de física, universidad de cantabria
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Cluster-glass percolative scenario in Ce Ni 1− x Cu x studied by very low-temperature ac susceptibility and dc magnetization
N Marcano, JCG Sal, JI Espeso, LF Barquín, C Paulsen
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N Rinaldi-Montes, P Gorria, D Martínez-Blanco, AB Fuertes, LF Barquín, ...
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Crossover from superspin glass to superferromagnet in Fe x Ag 100− x nanostructured thin films (20≤ x≤ 50)
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Invar effect in fcc- solid solutions
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JS Garitaonandia, P Gorria, LF Barquín, JM Barandiarán
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Y Bitla, SN Kaul, LF Barquín
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RG Calderón, LF Barquín, SN Kaul, JCG Sal, P Gorria, JS Pedersen, ...
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Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis of SrFe12O19 from reactions of strontium superoxide, iron metal and iron oxide powders
G Elwin, IP Parkin, QT Bui, LF Barquin, QA Pankhurst, AV Komarov, ...
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Self‐Propagating High Temperature Synthesis of Hexagonal Ferrites MFe12O19 (M = Sr, Ba)
IP Parkin, G Elwin, LF Barquin, QT Bui, QA Pankhurst, AV Komarov, ...
Advanced Materials 9 (8), 643-645, 1997
Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis of barium-chromium ferrites BaFe12-xCrx O19 (0 x6. 0)
MV Kuznetsov, LF Barquín, QA Pankhurst, IP Parkin
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Structural and magnetic properties of multi-core nanoparticles analysed using a generalised numerical inversion method
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Scrutinizing the role of size reduction on the exchange bias and dynamic magnetic behavior in NiO nanoparticles
N Rinaldi-Montes, P Gorria, D Martínez-Blanco, AB Fuertes, LF Barquín, ...
Nanotechnology 26 (30), 305705, 2015
Magneto-caloric effect in FeZrB amorphous alloys near room temperature
P Álvarez, JS Marcos, P Gorria, LF Barquín, JA Blanco
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 504, S150-S154, 2010
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