Silvia Carnaccini
Silvia Carnaccini
PhD candidate, University of Georgia
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Highly pathogenic Eurasian H5N8 avian influenza outbreaks in two commercial poultry flocks in California
S Stoute, R Chin, B Crossley, C Gabriel Senties-Cue, A Bickford, ...
Avian diseases 60 (3), 688-693, 2016
Short-and long-term protective efficacy against clade 2.3. 4.4 H5N2 highly pathogenic avian influenza virus following prime-boost vaccination in turkeys
JJS Santos, AO Obadan, SC Garcia, S Carnaccini, DR Kapczynski, ...
Vaccine 35 (42), 5637-5643, 2017
Diagnosis and Control of a LPAI H5N8 Outbreak in a Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) Commercial Flock in the Central Valley of California
S Carnaccini, B Crossley, R Breitmeyer, BR Charlton, M Bland, K Fowler, ...
Avian diseases 59 (2), 344-348, 2015
Ulcerative Dermatitis and Valvular Endocarditis Associated with Staphylococcus aureus in a Hyacinth Macaw (Anadorhynchus hyacinthinus)
M Huynh, S Carnaccini, T Driggers, HL Shivaprasad
Avian diseases 58 (2), 223-227, 2014
An unusual outbreak of chlamydiosis in commercial turkeys involving the nasal glands
HL Shivaprasad, S Carnaccini, M Bland, R Aaziz, R Moeller, K Laroucau
Avian diseases 59 (2), 315-322, 2015
Pathology and Tissue Distribution of an LPAI H5N8 of North American Lineage Isolated from an Outbreak in Commercial Japanese Quail (Coturnix c. japonica) in …
S Carnaccini, ST Stoute, AA Bickford, HL Shivaprasad
Avian diseases 61 (1), 70-76, 2017
Trichodinosis associated with pathology of the reproductive tract in waterfowl
S Carnaccini, LJ Lowenstine, CG Sentíes-Cué, A Nyaoke, M Bland, ...
Avian Pathology 45 (4), 418-425, 2016
Spatial and temporal epidemiology of infectious laryngotracheitis in central California: 2000–2012
M Pitesky, RP Chin, S Carnaccini, CG Sentíes–Cué, B Charlton, ...
Avian diseases 58 (4), 558-565, 2014
Flexibility in vitro of amino acid 226 in the receptor-binding site of an H9 subtype influenza A virus and its effect in vivo on virus replication, tropism, and transmission
AO Obadan, J Santos, L Ferreri, AJ Thompson, S Carnaccini, G Geiger, ...
Journal of virology 93 (6), e02011-18, 2019
Alternative strategy for a quadrivalent live attenuated influenza virus vaccine
Z Wan, SC Garcia, J Liu, J Santos, S Carnaccini, G Geiger, L Ferreri, ...
Journal of virology 92 (21), e01025-18, 2018
Characterization of Seven Outbreaks of Hemorrhagic Hepatopathy Syndrome in Commercial Pullets Following the Administration of a Salmonella Enteritidis …
S Carnaccini, HL Shivaprasad, G Cutler, M Bland, XJ Meng, SP Kenney, ...
Avian diseases 60 (1), 33-42, 2016
Yersinia pseudotuberculosis in Eurasian Collared Doves (Streptopelia decaocto) and Retrospective Study of Avian Yersiniosis at the California Animal Health and …
ST Stoute, GL Cooper, AA Bickford, S Carnaccini, HL Shivaprasad, ...
Avian diseases 60 (1), 82-86, 2016
Isolation of Avipoxvirus from Tongue of Canaries (Serinus canaria) Show Severe Localized Proliferative Glossitis
S Catania, S Carnaccini, M Mainenti, ML Moronato, F Gobbo, T Calogero
Avian diseases 61 (4), 531-535, 2017
A Novel Mycoplasma sp. Associated with Phallus Disease in Goose Breeders: Pathological and Bacteriological Findings
S Carnaccini, NM Ferguson-Noel, RP Chin, T Santoro, P Black, M Bland, ...
Avian diseases 60 (2), 437-443, 2016
H9 Influenza Viruses: An Emerging Challenge
S Carnaccini, DR Perez
Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine, a038588, 2019
Collective interactions augment influenza A virus replication in a host-dependent manner
KL Phipps, K Ganti, NT Jacobs, CY Lee, S Carnacinni, MC White, ...
bioRxiv, 736108, 2019
Retrospective study of transmissible viral proventriculitis in broiler chickens in central California: 2000-2014
R Hauck, G Senties-Cue, S Stoute, S Carnaccini, RP Chin, R Noiva, ...
Proceedings of the 65th Western Poultry Disease Conference, 99-100, 2016
Maternally-Derived Antibodies Protect against Challenge with Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus of the H7N3 Subtype
S Cardenas-Garcia, L Ferreri, Z Wan, S Carnaccini, G Geiger, AO Obadan, ...
Vaccines 7 (4), 163, 2019
The nasal gland in turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo): anatomy, histology and ultrastructure
FC Zimermann, S Carnaccini, C Palmieri, HL Shivaprasad
Avian Diseases, 2019
Age-dependent pathogenesis of clade 2.3. 4.4 A H5N2 HPAIV in experimentally infected Broad Breasted White turkeys
S Carnaccini, JJS Santos, AO Obadan, MJ Pantin-Jackwood, DL Suarez, ...
Veterinary microbiology 231, 183-190, 2019
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