Pamela Silver
Pamela Silver
Professor of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School
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Genome-wide analysis of estrogen receptor binding sites
JS Carroll, CA Meyer, J Song, W Li, TR Geistlinger, J Eeckhoute, ...
Nature genetics 38 (11), 1289-1297, 2006
Chromosome-wide mapping of estrogen receptor binding reveals long-range regulation requiring the forkhead protein FoxA1
JS Carroll, XS Liu, AS Brodsky, W Li, CA Meyer, AJ Szary, J Eeckhoute, ...
Cell 122 (1), 33-43, 2005
How proteins enter the nucleus.
PA Silver
Cell 64 (3), 489, 1991
Genome-wide localization of the nuclear transport machinery couples transcriptional status and nuclear organization
JM Casolari, CR Brown, S Komili, J West, H Hieronymus, PA Silver
Cell 117 (4), 427-439, 2004
Organization of intracellular reactions with rationally designed RNA assemblies
CJ Delebecque, AB Lindner, PA Silver, FA Aldaye
Science 333 (6041), 470-474, 2011
Water splitting–biosynthetic system with CO2 reduction efficiencies exceeding photosynthesis
C Liu, BC Colón, M Ziesack, PA Silver, DG Nocera
Science 352 (6290), 1210-1213, 2016
State of the arg: protein methylation at arginine comes of age.
AE McBride, PA Silver
Cell 106 (1), 5, 2001
Engineering cyanobacteria to generate high-value products
DC Ducat, JC Way, PA Silver
Trends in biotechnology 29 (2), 95-103, 2011
Toehold switches: de-novo-designed regulators of gene expression
AA Green, PA Silver, JJ Collins, P Yin
Cell 159 (4), 925-939, 2014
Regulated nucleo/cytoplasmic exchange of HOG1 MAPK requires the importin β homologs NMD5 and XPO1
P Ferrigno, F Posas, D Koepp, H Saito, PA Silver
The EMBO journal 17 (19), 5606-5614, 1998
Nuclear transport and cancer: from mechanism to intervention
TR Kau, JC Way, PA Silver
Nature Reviews Cancer 4 (2), 106-117, 2004
HIV-1 Vpr interacts with the nuclear transport pathway to promote macrophage infection
MA Vodicka, DM Koepp, PA Silver, M Emerman
Genes & development 12 (2), 175, 1998
Elimination of replication block protein Fob1 extends the life span of yeast mother cells
PA Defossez, R Prusty, M Kaeberlein, SJ Lin, P Ferrigno, PA Silver, ...
Molecular cell 3 (4), 447-455, 1999
A chemical genetic screen identifies inhibitors of regulated nuclear export of a Forkhead transcription factor in PTEN-deficient tumor cells
TR Kau, F Schroeder, S Ramaswamy, CL Wojciechowski, JJ Zhao, ...
Cancer cell 4 (6), 463-476, 2003
A protein that shuttles between the nucleus and the cytoplasm is an important mediator of RNA export.
MS Lee, M Henry, PA Silver
Genes & development 10 (10), 1233-1246, 1996
Arginine methylation facilitates the nuclear export of hnRNP proteins
EC Shen, MF Henry, VH Weiss, SR Valentini, PA Silver, MS Lee
Genes & development 12 (5), 679-691, 1998
Amino terminus of the yeast GAL4 gene product is sufficient for nuclear localization
PA Silver, LP Keegan, M Ptashine
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 81 (19), 5951, 1984
Functional specificity among ribosomal proteins regulates gene expression
S Komili, NG Farny, FP Roth, PA Silver
Cell 131 (3), 557-571, 2007
Emergent cooperation in microbial metabolism
EH Wintermute, PA Silver
Molecular systems biology 6 (1), 407, 2010
Retrovirus-delivered siRNA
E Devroe, PA Silver
BMC biotechnology 2 (1), 1-5, 2002
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