Vladimir Lukin, Владимир Лукин
Vladimir Lukin, Владимир Лукин
National Aerospace University, Kharkov, Ukraine
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TID2008-a database for evaluation of full-reference visual quality assessment metrics
N Ponomarenko, V Lukin, A Zelensky, K Egiazarian, M Carli, F Battisti
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On between-coefficient contrast masking of DCT basis functions
N Ponomarenko, F Silvestri, K Egiazarian, M Carli, J Astola, V Lukin
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Image database TID2013: Peculiarities, results and perspectives
N Ponomarenko, L Jin, O Ieremeiev, V Lukin, K Egiazarian, J Astola, ...
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New full-reference quality metrics based on HVS
K Egiazarian, J Astola, N Ponomarenko, V Lukin, F Battisti, M Carli
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Color image database TID2013: Peculiarities and preliminary results
N Ponomarenko, O Ieremeiev, V Lukin, K Egiazarian, L Jin, J Astola, ...
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Color image database for evaluation of image quality metrics
N Ponomarenko, V Lukin, K Egiazarian, J Astola, M Carli, F Battisti
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Metrics performance comparison for color image database
N Ponomarenko, F Battisti, K Egiazarian, J Astola, V Lukin
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DCT based high quality image compression
N Ponomarenko, V Lukin, K Egiazarian, J Astola
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Locally adaptive DCT filtering for signal-dependent noise removal
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Modified image visual quality metrics for contrast change and mean shift accounting
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Image filtering based on discrete cosine transform
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An automatic approach to lossy compression of AVIRIS images
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Efficiency analysis of color image filtering
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Denoising of single-look SAR images based on variance stabilization and nonlocal filters
M Mäkitalo, A Foi, D Fevralev, V Lukin
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Lossy compression of noisy images based on visual quality: a comprehensive study
N Ponomarenko, S Krivenko, V Lukin, K Egiazarian, JT Astola
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2010, 69, 2010
A new color image database TID2013: Innovations and results
N Ponomarenko, O Ieremeiev, V Lukin, L Jin, K Egiazarian, J Astola, ...
International Conference on Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems …, 2013
Methods and automatic procedures for processing images based on blind evaluation of noise type and characteristics
VV Lukin, SK Abramov, NN Ponomarenko, ML Uss, MS Zriakhov, B Vozel, ...
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Image informative maps for component-wise estimating parameters of signal-dependent noise
ML Uss, B Vozel, VV Lukin, K Chehdi
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ADCT: a new high quality DCT based coder for lossy image compression
AJ Ponomarenko N., Lukin V., Egiazariuan K.
Proceedings of International Workshop on local and non-local approximation …, 2008
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